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Latest Updates on Tesla Cybertruck Release Date

The future looks bright! Many people may not agree with this statement given the state of the current world with so many events not going right. But someone rightly said ‘Hope is all we have’. Of Course, there are events that we wish were not happening, but let’s also acknowledge the other side of the coin and look at all the activities happening around us that are meant to create a more liveable world. This brings us to one man and his company that is on its way to changing the world the way we see it. Yes, we are talking about Elon Musk and his company Tesla, and one much-awaited product. Read to the end for all the latest updates on the Tesla Cybertruck release date and more!

Updates on Tesla Cybertruck Release Date

You may not agree with his way of working with the latest Twitter scandal or you may even find him too much to handle with his vision to put men on Mars, no matter what your views are on him, you cannot deny that Elon Musk is a visionary and a true genius. The love Tesla cars have garnered from critics and commercial users alike is living proof of how this man is changing the world.

You may have already heard of Tesla, or even better, you might be the owner of one.

The world’s most wanted and admired electric vehicle. Although there have been many players in the EV market, the impact Tesla and its car have left on the world remains to be unmatched. Yes, it is an expensive buy but hey! so are almost all the good things we love. We may not realize that a gas-run vehicle is more costly in the long run as compared to a luxury EV. The non-renewable sources are fast depleting and we cannot even fathom putting a price on the effect growing fuel consumption has on the ecosystem.

tesla cybertruck

There is another product in the company’s kitty that people have been waiting for since the first time the concept was released by Tesla. The Cybertruck. The name itself is so appealing, isn’t it? The first time you hear the name, without even looking at the prototype, you know this one is going to be a game-changer. You are not wrong about this assumption. Just one look at the outer design, and you are bound to be awestruck.

Let’s get into more details about the vehicle before we get to all the latest updates on Tesla Cybertruck release date/

If you visit the Cybertruck page on the company’s official site, you will know why experts and car enthusiasts can’t wait to get their hands on this marvel.

As per company claims, the exterior of the car is built to give its passenger ultimate protection. The webpage says that the exoskeleton is ‘nearly impenetrable and they are probably right. Look at what the outer skin is made of: Tesla armored glass and 30 times cold-rolled stainless steel. If there was any other better material than cold-pressed stainless steel, the company would have used it.

The car is a 6-passenger vehicle. If you are one big, happy family, this one will fit everyone just fine. The versatile utility offered by the car should be discussed in detail. So here we go

  • The Cybertruck has a payload capacity of 3500 pounds. It is Tesla’s most powerful tool the company has ever built
  • The vehicle has storage space for almost everything one may require on a long journey. You can store your tire, toolbox, Cyberquad, and more. It also comes with a frunk, under-bed, and sail pillars
  • The towing capacity of Cybertruck is a massive 14,000 pounds. The car is meant for all weathers, the most extreme of them all
  • You can raise or lower car suspension from all sides to four inches
  • When you buy the car, you also get your hands on the 17-inch touchscreen that is inbuilt. The user interface is completely customizable
  • Cybertruck adapts as per your needs. If you want to camp outside, you can do it with the car without needing any other extra set-up. The car is enough

Tesla Cybertruck Release Date

Now that we have gotten you all hyped up about Cybertruck, let’s get down to the main fact that determines if the car is worth the money you spend to own it.

Recently at an event held in Los Angeles, Elon Musk stated that the starting price of Cybertruck without incentives will be USD 39,000. The company will also launch 2 more varieties with a price tag of USD 49,900 and USD 69,000.

Good things always take time and this is clearly seen from the journey of Cybertruck from the time it was announced until today.

The first dual-motor version of the car was slated to be released in late 2021 but we have reached the end of 2022, and not one Cybertruck has been sold in the commercial market as of yet. In fact, the production is still in its initial phase. So many reasons have been the cause of the delay but it remains difficult to point out the exact cause.

Tesla Cybertruck

As per the latest reports, the recent delay in production, as claimed by the man himself, is due to supply-chain constraints. But after so many disappointments, Elon Musk announced in January 2022, that the company is working toward starting production in early 2023. Elon Musk remains hopeful that this time the company will manage to start with the production process unlike in previous years, however, it still remains to be seen when 2023 arrives.

So for now, we can only wait and watch if Tesla keeps its promise and the enthusiasts can heave a sigh of relief. The popularity of the car can only be known from the fact that the car also already received 1.6 million bookings, and it is not even in production yet. One can only wonder what will happen when the car is finally launched.


With this, we come to the end of all the latest updates on the Cybertruck release date and more. It can get frustrating to not have the exact release date for something you have been eagerly waiting for, but with so many uncertain situations arising in the last few years, some delays were bound to happen and some could have been managed well. Let’s hope that the car meets all the expectations once it is launched.


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