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What Is Green Screen And How To Create It

Digitalisation has changed the world of movie making by leaps and bounds. If you are looking to impress your audience in a creative and professional manner, the best you can do so would be through the use of Green Screen Technology. It has been around since quite long. However, the advancements in the digitalisation technology have made it possible to make the concept more affordable even when you are not someone involved in professional film making. What is Green Screen technology and how can you use it for an enhanced expression of creativity? We will cover the cover in a concise manner today.

Green Screen Technology

What is Green Screen Technology?

Green Screen technology is also known traditionally as the Chroma Key effect. By definition, it would mean an actor in front of a blue or green screen. The colours are so much differentiated from the natural skin tones and as such, they will help you have a nice effect without creating any damage to the human form on the screen.

The technology owes its origin to the 1930s. It has been widely used for creating special effects in a wide range of Oscar winning films. The current age of digital cinemas has made it all the more powerful and focussed.

How to create a Green Screen Video?

Well, it should be much easy to create a Green Screen video with ease. Of course, you will need access to a few accessories for a proper functionality. You also need a relevant software for the purpose. Which green screen software is best is what you would need to search depending upon your preferences.

#1 Background

You would need either a blue or green background. Green would be the preferred option as it will not mix with the blue eyes some your actors may have. Ensure that your actors are not wearing any green or Blue coloured clothes.

The background should not be wrinkled. In many cases, a painted wall can be one of the best options to go with. Paper or cloth would be difficult to keep smoother when compared to the pained wall.

#2 Camera

The camera is a necessary element, but you need not worry about a professional camera for your requirements. Even smartphone camera should be able to do the trick. Choose a camera that can at least at 720p HD resolution. Rest of the task should be handled by the green screen software you have opted for.

#3 Lighting

This is another important aspect that can help you make the surroundings look excellently smooth. In fact, if your lighting is not proper – you would end up with something that even your software would be able to improve. Use the proper sort of lightings including background lights, key lights and fill lights.

Backlight should be such that it will help you separate the actor from the background in an efficient manner. The key light is focussed on actor’s face and a major part of the body that you want to focus on. Ensure that both key light and backlight are focussed to provide a smoother and softer look.

#4 The Software

Choosing the right kind of software is the key to achieve the best results. Movavi Video Editor, Kinemaster, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Premiere are a few examples are a few examples.

A few features you should forward in your software tool include preset video effects, that would help you become a little more creative and unique in their own right. The software also should be able to help you add up animation effects, video stabilisation and other advanced effects. The layering functionality that the software can offer can provide you greater alternatives to go creative in your regular videos.

The Green Screen technology can be used for a wide range of applications in varied areas of functionality. It finds a wider application in the movie and television industry as a rule, but you should be able to use it in other areas as well. In fact, you should be able to use it for your own production or creating your own production. A few application areas that it can be put to good use include presentations, clips, or even for the short films.

Create your combinations of animations with live performances, and replacement of video backgrounds. Share your inputs on green Screen technology if you have used one of them in your recording requirements.

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