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Yayaka Review: Best Way To Top Up Wechat Wallet For Foreigners Without Chinese ID Or China Bank

As an Expat who always Fly to Beijing and Stay days there, I find that The cashless society in China is not comfortable because I am used to pay with Cash and Credit Card in Australia. In china, People don’t take cash and never have a credit card in wallet. They only have a Phone with a APP Called WeChat and Pay with WeChat wallet which is a E-wallet.

Foreigners Without Chinese ID Or China Bank

Well, As a expat who always be business in Beijing, I have to Download one and use it in my daily life in Beijing or Other City. Maybe u don’t believe that some sellers refuse accepting cash, they think it trouble to keep cash. Even a Grandpa who seller products on the street, she also accepts WeChat wallet payment.

But WeChat not allow Foreigners to top up WeChat wallet with $AU even if I real name verify with my Australia Credit Card. That is, I have to find a 3rd Agent to Top up WeChat wallet with Paypal or Credit Card. I Google and Compared the difference among several Sellers, is my final Choice and Best Choice.

Franklying Speaking, YAYAKA website design is poor but service is excellent. Certainly their Custom Service Wendy says they are redesigning. I Hope its new UI and Better UE.  But most importance for WeChat money exchange are Reliable,Rate and Delivery.  Let me talk about it in detail.


YAYAKA runs this business since 2014 and mainly help foreigners to top up China digital Products . WeChat wallet is one of their Business. With so many years business running, I think it reliable and I found some recommends of several Forums from other buyers.

Exchange Rate

For the First time, I think it expensive but after compared with other sellers, I don’t think so. Maybe their cost is expensive. As we all know, Paypal take 4.4%+$0.3 away from each transaction. What is more, there is Coupon code on the Product page if you take carefully.


Wendy is a good custom service and it seems many customers like her as well from the review of their website. She said yayaka custom service is online from 8:00-24:00 of Beijing time. Though it is not a 24hrs online service, I think it is enough because when I am in China, it is enough, Who will top up WeChat wallet in midnight? The most importance is delivery really fast and get friendly chating. I really appreciate it.

In conclusion, Yayaka is an excellent website to solve the problems for me and I strongly recommend it to all of you.

John Paul
John Paul
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