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What Is A Mobile Signal Booster: An Overview

A mobile signal booster, in particular, refers to an amplifier or receptor. It is composed of three main elements

A Mobile Signal Booster: An Overview

  • Interior Antenna
  • Amplifier and
  • Exterior Antenna

The complete composition formulates a wireless system to boost mobile reception. The application of a cellular booster system enhances the signal strength.


The complete system is based on the repeater concept. The inbuilt amplifier adds power to the reception of signals in different directions. The outside antenna works as both a transmitter as well as a receiver, it transfers the signal with improved gain and sensitivity. Even if you use the lowest quality booster, the minimum gain will be of 7dB and the good quality boosters give you over 10 dB gain.

What Is The Aim Of A Signal Booster?

The signal booster receives your mobile signals be it at your home, workstation, car or any other place and amplifies it. Once the signal is amplified it is sent to the area of weak signal where your signal strength is comparatively low.

In addition to the three basic components in a cell phone signal booster there exists other components, including an indoor antenna and amplifier. These two components work as a single unit to boost the indoor signal strength of your cell phone. The list of miscellaneous components include:

  • Tap
  • Splitter
  • Lightning surge protector and
  • Attenuator

All these components have different functions and the result is a mobile signal with improved quality.

What Is The Use Of a Cell Phone Signal Booster And How Does It Work?

A cell phone signal booster is a wireless device that is highly useful in the area of weak mobile signals. You often miss out on calls, messages and even important emails due to a weak signal at your home or office. However with the help of a signal booster, you can easily overcome this problem.

The signal strength of a cellular network is calculated in dBm. The work of the booster is to add to the value of dBm and thus gain a powerful signal.

Working Of A Signal Booster:

The outer antenna is the first part of the wireless system to come into action. It receives the weak mobile signal, it is then amplified by the amplifier or repeater and then the enhanced signal is broadcasted to the location with the help of the inside antenna.

The complete process makes you available with your calls and messages even in a weak signal zone. The result is much more clarity added to your phone calls in any area. You can even attain the highest quality signal by adding some additional components like attenuators that remove the signal of an unwanted frequency and many more.

Advantages Of Having a Cell Phone Signal Booster:

  • With the use of a basic mobile signal receptor, the battery life of your phone is improved by a minimum of 3 hours.
  • Improved quality of calls, with minimal interruption or no interruption at all. You will receive the signals faster with high voice call clarity.

The signal boosters work with different network platforms like CDMA, TDMA, LTE, HSPA, VOLTE etc…

The data and voice speed on your phones, be it 2G, 3G or 4G all depends on the type of mobile signal booster you use. The variation in the configuration depends on the use of additional components to have enhanced output.

Your signal strength also depends on the type of booster you use. There are basically two forms of boosters, they are:

  • Analog Signal receptors
  • Smart Signal Boosters.

Though most of the signal boosters today are analogue but smart signal boosters provide a better output based on advanced digital technology. Although you may find smart signal boosters a bit expensive in comparison to traditional boosters.

Final Words:

Cell phone boosters help you to get uninterrupted, speedy and clear voice and data services on your smartphones. If you need your mobile phone signal boosted contact your local mobile booster signal provider.

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