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Will I Get Banned From Transferring Coins?

In the past, gamers had to be cautious when sharing coins or get banned. There is always a minor chance to lose coins and all players. EA does not allow gamers to transfer coins from one gaming account to another. If you go against regulations, you will be punished just like other rules.

Few sellers have been tested hence they deliver legit trade. This article is about safe ways to transfer coins. In addition to that, you will learn more about safe sites to carry out the method. Keep reading to know about trading coins before you begin the transfer.

Will I Get Banned From Transferring Coins

Transferring coins in your two accounts

Game enthusiasts can have more than one account. This can trick you to transfer from one account to the other. EA prohibits coins transfer even if you own the accounts. EA systems can review suspicious transactions like purchasing bronze for 50k.Furthermore, you can contact a game professional.  Click the EA link, fill in the information and you will be connected with EA advisor through live chat or phone call. Hope your issues will be resolved. If you get banned, send your disputes to their email, and maybe they will help you out.

Transferring coins to other accounts

You may be tempted to transfer coins to your gaming mate but do not do it. The best method to get FIFA coins is through playing a match, finish work, and EA will reward you with some coins. EA coins are 100% more safe coins.You can also purchase new coins from EA but they are expensive and not everyone can afford it.

 Alternatively, you can get first-hand coins from trusted sellers such as FIFACOIN. It has the lowest prices on legal coins. In addition to that, they have sold successful coins to gamers for many years. Choose either way instead of transferring coins between accounts. The punishment can even result in the disqualification of your gaming account. You will never own an account after the ban.

An alternative way of transferring coins

Bronze method

This is the cheapest and time-consuming way to make coins. It involves purchasing regular bronze packs at 400 coins and a quick sell. You will get a minimum of 3 players in each pack. List the players for 150 coins at an immediate buy price of 200 coins.  Moreover, rare bronze players can be sold multiple times seeing that they are required to finish SBCs or Squad Building Challenges. Compare prices in the market before selling.

Rare bronze players are re-listed until they are sold. Even the lowest-rated players will be required during SBCs. The profit will be small but it is worth it. Keep on re-listing the players and increase profits.

Players to use for trading

Best players for trading are the ones you are familiar with in real life premier leagues. As a result of this, you will be in a position to know which players are demanded in a certain position. You will know best for defense, goalkeeper, middle fielder, strike, acceleration, or speed. On top of that, trading frequently will assist you to know prices and when to create profits.

Sell players in the evening and weekends when gamers are online. This is the time they are striving to improve squads. You will find players at the lowest price in the morning and overnight. When you get knowledge of the league, you will know players sold for many coins. The players come from popular clubs and are highly rated. Sometimes they can be traded at cheap price in the market. Henceforth, you will get a chance to bargain for the best players.


Snipping means purchasing players who are sold at a cheap price before others bid. It involves using less than 59 minutes after the players are listed on the trading market. A simple way to do is get specific players from certain leagues then use transfer filterprices to avoid searching uninterested players. Keep looking till you find the player, buy immediately before someone else.

Buy players and sell high

Bidding wars require patience and more time. Sometimes we do not have two things. Therefore, most gamers use Buy Now Price. Players can be sold for less than Buy Now Price. Traders have a different version of bids on the same player and re-list on Buy Now Price to make a profit. Buy many copies on a similar player is an investment. You will sell the player at a high profit.

Final thoughts

Strive to work with coin suppliers who value transparency. Suppliers should use methods allowed by EA to ensure their client’s safety. Also, the suppliers will not be responsible after you have lost your account regardless of their mistakes. There are several sites for transferring coins and only a few are legit. To know a safe account, read their policies. If they offer secure transactions, refund policy, and safety guarantee then you can be confident to place order. Besides that, follow EA instructions and you will be on the safe side.

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