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5 Sleeping Habits You Should Avoid

As they say “A mind that sleeps right, thinks right.” Lifestyles have changed dramatically over the years and so have our sleeping patterns. Though we have no intention of ruining our sleep and most of us are even quite particular about our sleep and the resting time of the day, we may or may not have ruined it with these unhealthy habits.

In today’s life, where we all are so busy in our work and lifestyle we crave a good night’s sleep. Though many reasons are there if you are not getting a good sleep here we will talk about 5 major sleeping habits that you should definitely avoid!

5 Sleeping Habits You Should Avoid

  1. Eating something just before going to bed

We all have this habit of munching late in the night, be it ice cream or chocolates or maybe a light snack but the TRUTH to be told,  you should not eat anything just before going to bed.

You should have dinner at least 2 hours before your bed-time. The reason for this is because the body takes time to digest food and this digestion process is likely to keep you awake at night.

  1. Consuming alcohol

Drinking alcohol might seem to lure but don’t do it. 

At first, it might help you in falling asleep faster but it can cause you to have disturbed sleep and it may be difficult for you to fall asleep again.

Anything in excess can affect your body very badly, thereby start focusing on a healthy diet and healthy eating than alcohol.

Plus, alcohol is not very healthy so here is one more reason to quit it!

  1. An irregular exercise schedule 

If you are someone who exercises whenever he/she is free and does not have a particular routine or time limit for working out, it’s high time for you to follow a strict schedule.

To sleep right and get a good night’s sleep, you must form a particular schedule so that your body can get accustomed to it rather than exercising at any given time of the day. When your body is tired, it sleeps faster. This will not only regulate your sleep routine but also help you in time management.

  1. Avoid consuming stimulants

If you like to drink coffee, soda, or tea and you have a habit of eating these regularly then we suggest strongly that you stop.

You should immediately stop having these beverages in the afternoon and the evenings as they greatly hamper with your sleep. You should also limit the consumption of chocolate as it contains caffeine and can disturb your sleep.

  1. Reduce your screen time before going to bed

If you like to relax and unwind by watching TV or surfing the internet, the light from these screens is likely likely to interfere in your sleep.

It will make it difficult for you to fall asleep. Additionally, the radiations from the screens of mobile phones, laptops or TVs are harmful to your eyes and therefore you should limit your screen time before going to bed.


  • There are major benefits of a healthy sleeping pattern. You get ample time to rest and rejuvenate yourself.
  • An unhealthy sleeping pattern can cause a lot of harm to you. It can cause, irritation, mood swings, anger issues, body problems, lifestyle diseases.
  • It can make you waste a lot of time that you could have invested in doing something productive.
  • Adequate sleep also helps in repairing the body.
  • It prevents weight gain and the same has been proved by several doctors that people with a good sleep routine consume fewer calories.
  • Sleeping can help in building up your immune system and it has been stated that sleeping improves one’s physical and athletic performance.
  • There is a positive correlation between sleep and mental health. If you have a good and healthy sleep schedule, you’re likely to have good mental health.
  • Sleeping also helps in keeping you calm sand away from mental turmoil.

Sleep might be the most important yet the most neglected part of the life of today’s generation which can be seen in the number of lifestyles, mental and physical diseases, and disorders that they acquire. We need to start focusing more on correcting and enhancing the quality of our sleep schedules.

Good healthy sleep is essential for a peaceful and healthy mind, body, and soul. You should take immense notice and care of your sleeping patterns and schedules so that you can correct it and make yourself productive in today’s fast-paced life.

Sleeping habits play a major role to sleep better. Although, if nothing is working for you then you should consult a doctor and they may prescribe you a sleeping pill.

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