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Why Your Internet Keeps Disconnecting and How to Fix It

While browsing your Instagram feed, you’ve most probably faced this issue: your internet keeps disconnecting and reconnects after some time. However, some users feel that it’s just a minor convenience. But it can become a significant impediment to our daily life.

Internet Keeps Disconnecting and How to Fix It

Nowadays, a reliable internet connection is a must for our work from home life. From inconsistent speeds to an outdated router can be the reason for causing internet connection issues. Want to learn how to fix this problem? I’m sure you do. Here, we’ve put together the causes and solutions of how the internet keeps disconnecting.

1. Internet speed is too low

If you have too many devices operating the internet, your internet connection will keep disconnecting.

It happens when you’re living with many people and you all are connected to the same network.

If your internet connection shows only 15-25 Mbps speed, it is evident that your internet will keep dropping out.

You can’t attend your Zoom meeting if your friends or family members are busy streaming movies and TV shows.

Fix it:-

You can run an internet speed test to check your internet connection speed.

However, you can also check out how much internet speed you need to see if you’re getting enough internet speed.

If you’re still facing the problem, you can contact your internet service provider to order a faster internet package.

2.  Modem isn’t connected with your internet provider

Sometimes your modem isn’t connected with your internet service provider can also cause the problem.

However, the modem can be an essential part of your home network. But sometimes, it can be the most frustrating thing.

If you buy your modem, you have to make sure that it is compatible with your internet connection.

Moreover, it must also be approved by ISP. If you’re still facing issues in operating, check out the fix it section.

Fix it:- 

Check the modem’s connection to your ISP’s entry point if you face the internet connection keep the disconnecting problem.

If everything is connected correctly and still you’re facing the issue, you have to contact your ISP to check if the modem is receiving and transmitting signals.

3. Wi-Fi Router is outdated

An outdated Wi-Fi router can also be the reason for causing connection issues.

Suppose you bought the new iPhone 12 and try to connect it with your old Wi-Fi router. The Wi-Fi connection will be slow because your iPhone supports Wi-Fi 6, but your router only supports Wi-Fi 4.

Fix it:-

Make sure to choose a router that is compatible with your device. Before making any investment, you have to search thoroughly different router options and read their reviews to get the best.

You can follow the last digit numbers of your router like 802.11n and 802.11ac to see whether it is of the latest generation or not.

In time, these numbers got changed into labels like Wireless-N and Wireless-AC.

Later in 2019, the Wireless-AC turned into more simplified labels like Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6.

4. Cables are broken

If you’re using unreliable cables for your home network, you will face an internet keep disconnecting issue.

You need different cables to plug your modem into the wall and connect the router with your modem.

For example, you need coaxial cables to connect a modem or wireless gateway to the cable network. If you want to connect your modem with a wireless gateway to a DSL internet line, you need a phone cable.

You also need an Ethernet cable to connect your modem to a standalone router.

If any of these cables get damaged, you’ll start suffering from connection problems.

Fix it:- 

Make sure that all your cables are in good condition and connected to the right place.

If any of the cables you find is damaged, change it immediately with the new one.

5. Disconnection problem with cable internet

Remember that the cable internet depends on the area-wide infrastructure.

So whenever there’s a peak usage hour, the cable speed will dropdown. It can be 7 pm and midnight when there is peak usage hour.

In these hours, you’ll experience slower connection or sometimes complete disconnection.

If the ISP is not connected to your modem, you may experience random disconnection.

Fix it:- 

You can contact your internet service provider to fix your internet connection keep disconnecting issues.

On the other hand, you can also replace your modem to repair this problem.

Wrapping up

So here are some reasons with their fixes for the internet keep disconnecting problems. However, the reason for causing this issue can be your outdated Wi-Fi router. You only have to replace it with the latest one to solve this. If you’re still facing connection problems, we’ll recommend you contacting your internet service provider.

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