How to Build Enterprise Wireless Network with PoE Technology?

Wireless Network with PoE Technology

With the popularity of mobile devices such as smart phones and laptops, WiFi has become an integral part of home and enterprise networks, and there are many ways to deploy WiFi networks. Among them, through the PoE technology to build enterprise wireless network is considered the most commonly used and most popular practice, this tutorial will describe in detail.

Using PoE technology to power the wireless AP

The easiest way to provide WiFi to mobile devices is to set up a wireless AP on the wall or ceiling (see below), and the wireless AP will work with the power cord in addition to the network. There are two main ways to power the wireless AP: power supply to the wireless AP with DC power supply and power supply to the wireless AP via PoE technology. However, because the location of the deployment of wireless AP is very special, and sometimes through the DC power supply to the wireless AP power supply is very difficult, and PoE technology can use the existing super five or six network cable to the wireless AP transmission data signal will also Current to the wireless AP, eliminating the need for local power. Now, with PoE technology to wireless AP power supply more and more people welcome.

Use the best Ethernet cables to make wireless AP network.

Ethernet cable is the necessary tool for network equipment network, wireless AP equipment is no exception. At present, the wireless AP equipment network using the network cable is usually more than five types of cable and six types of cable. These two kinds of cable are twisted pair, which, six types of cable anti-crosstalk interference performance than the ultra-five network cable is good, and six types of cable can be used for 10 Gigabit Ethernet, and ultra-five network cable can only Used for Gigabit Ethernet. In the construction of enterprise wireless network, we should be based on the needs of the appropriate type of cable selection.

Wireless Network with PoE Technology

Use the PoE switch to power the wireless AP network

PoE switches can use the network cable to the terminal network equipment to transmit data signals while also providing DC power for such devices. In other words, it can use the same network cable at the same time to the wireless AP power supply network. The following figure is a simple example of building a corporate wireless network with PoE switches, Ethernet lines, wireless APs, etc.:

Wireless Network with PoE Technology


To sum up, building a corporate wireless network is very simple, only need PoE switches, PoE wireless AP, Ethernet lines.

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