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Easeus- The Cure for Data Loss

The most common way to store data is in the digital form. There is no surety of this data to be safe at all times of use. There are various possibilities that this data can be damaged or lost completely. These possibilities occur from various factors like hacking, crashes, viruses, malwares etc. To make sure that the important data is safe from these factors one has to take some actions to ensure that safety.

There are many softwares that are available online which offer you the service of data recovery. The presence of a data recovery software in a device that holds data is very important to eliminated the risk of loss that occurs due to any damage to important data. Data recovery means to recover the deleted data. This deletion can take place due to human mistakes, carelessness, or by damages done due to viruses, hacking etc.

Easeus- The Cure for Data Loss

The process

There is a process of recovering data that has to be followed. This process includes very easy to follow steps for which you are given proper instructions. These steps have the end result of recovery of files.

The first step is to launch the downloaded software into your device from which data has been deleted. It means prevention from any risk that may occur due to loss of data from the device. After launch, the software asks various questions regarding the location of the deleted files and where the respective scans should be done. The location of the files can be any folder, drives, other storage devices like pen drives, smart phones, SD cards etc.

The second step is the main step of the process that is the search of files in the device. There are two types of scans that occur after the first step. These scans are the quick scan and the deep scan. the quick scan is the scan which detects the files which have been deleted from the device within a previous few hours or a full day. This takes very little time to complete. After this, the deep scan occurs automatically. As the name suggests, this is a detailed scan of the whole device and detects all files that have been deleted from the device within some previous days or a full week. After these two scans are completed, almost all files are detected and can be recovered.

The third step is the actual recovery of files that are detected through the two automatic scans. The files can be recovered after a preview. Preview means the confirmation of files to be recovered that have been selected in the previous steps.

There are various types of recoveries that this software can perform including the Mac recovery, recycle bin recovery, etc. Recovery from various parts of a computer and from different devices can be made. All these recovery features are provided by the EaseUs recovery software. The EaseUs recovery software proves to be very convenient to use option in a case of data loss.

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