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4 Major Ways Slow Internet Speed Can Deeply Affect Your Business

Business development and success is dependent a lot on your internet connection nowadays. You must be thinking what an absurd statement the above is. Well, its actually not nonsense, since having a slow internet speed and poor-quality service can affect the outcome of your business more than you give credit for. Let’s go through the ways it can hinder your business’s prosperity, shall we?

Slow Internet Speed Can Deeply Affect Your Business

1. Customer service:

The key to a good business is happy and satisfied clients. This can only be ensured by having a quick service that can deal with the problem, and since telephone or letter methods are inefficient, time-consuming and relatively costly, e-mail or online complaint forum can be put to use. Efficiency and success of this service, however, can only be offered by a high-speed internet service provider.

2. File sharing:

Did you know that Dropbox actually reduces its own speed as to not bring down yours by default? And if you don’t have a faster internet connection, the task as simple as sharing files can take time to upload and share, lowering the efficiency and on time delivery of results even if you have many people working on your team. Moreover, if you have many people working beside you, your internet speed might be slow as your bandwidth is split up amongst the users. You probably be getting only a divided speed. Hence, better your internet speed and deal with work more effectively and with high productivity.

3. Video conferencing:

With modernization and globalization, it is likely that many of your clients or business partners reside in different parts of the world. Taking flights to reach them or telephonic calls can be a headache, expensive and a plain waste; this is where video conferencing substitutes. It is time efficient, you can take in more people at the same time, no need to stick to one chair so the telephone cable doesn’t run out and you can actually look at the person while talking so as to get a more personalized experience. All of this requires a high-speed Wi-Fi connection so as to effectively deliver and receive the message.

4. Payment transfers:

No one likes a delay in their salary or due bill. But going to a bank and transferring payments can take a large part of your time and cause extra headache, thus, being a source of more trouble than good. However, if your transfer your bills or employee’s salary through internet banking, it can reduce your trips to the bank, ensure on-time payment transfers and result in a better relationship with your team as well as the customers to your service. Better office environment results in higher business success rates and happy clients.

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After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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