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How To Track Your Sleep Effortlessly And Have A Better Day At Work

Sleep Effortlessly And Have A Better Day At Work

Our productivity depends on the amount of sleep we are getting. Though it is said that we spend one-third of our life sleeping, but the real needed amount of sleep depends on lifestyle. If your work depends on total brainstorming or hard work, then you need more sleep than an average person. Not having enough sleep can kill your brain cells every day without you realising its consequence. So, it is a good idea to track the amount of sleep every day so that you do not end up sleeping too much or too less. Here is a list of 5 ways you can track your sleep.

Sleep cycle

It is a free app available for the Android and iPhone users. The app can track your sleep pattern to make you understand everything regarding your sleep. The app will wake you up with light alarm when you are on the lightest part of the nap. This way your sleep will be completed in a better way. You will wake up feeling refreshed and energised for a productive day ahead.

This app also analyses your sleep by using sound and vibration analysis. The data that it collects can decide if you are in light or deep sleep. The statistics dashboard can display your overall quality of sleep and wake up time. You can also track your sleep by using a sleep calculator.


Sleeping depends on our state of mind and lifestyle. Stressful life can be the main cause of insomnia. Digipill is an app that kicks out stress from your mind. It provides good audios so that you get the best to refresh your mind from the things happening around you. If your sleep is not enough because of all these, you should think of considering getting a luxury mattress for ultimate comfort.

Sleep time

This app uses an algorithm to determine the quality of your sleep. It puts a great emphasis on your sleep pattern. It can determine the best time to sleep as well. The app monitors the movements the whole night that shows your sleep’s deepness through the chart. The graph is easy to understand, so you can take necessary steps if anything is wrong with your sleep. Experts think that waking up from light sleep at night makes our sleep fulfilled and leaves us fresh. So the app also wakes you up from the lightest part for revitalising you.

Relax and sleep well

This app is created by clinical hypnotherapist and bestselling author Glen Harrold. This app can be your best friend for getting the best relaxation. The app has hypnotherapy and meditation recordings so that you can wash out distress from yourself.

This way you can work on the anxiety that stops you from getting enough sleep. The recordings are very relaxing and thoughtful so you can listen to them before you go to sleep. It will improve the quality of your sleep.


The power nap is a system of sleep that is taken just for some minutes in the daytime. It saves you from feeling dizzy all day and boosts up your energy for any challenge that comes your way. Pzizz is precisely such app that helps you take power nap without being worried of deep sleep.

You will fall asleep fast and wake up feeling energised by this app. The science of psychoacoustic is used in this free app which explores the psychological effects of sleep. Sound sequences and dreamscapes are used for each of your sleep patterns according to many studies.


So, these were some of the apps that will help you with tracking your sleep. Tracking with an app is better than just counting hours. If you are extremely disturbed by insomnia and all, then you should take help from the app. If nothing helps take expert help before it gets worse.

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