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Important Things to Consider When Buying a PC Online

Buying a PC today is a lot easier than it was ten years back, but it can be more confusing. And it’s not surprising, with the constant launch of multiple computer models with various features and specs.

Years ago, there were limited choices to make, but now there are dozens of options available on the market, and you need to be vigilant to avoid unnecessary troubles. When you decide to buy a PC online, take your shopping experience to new heights and avoid a purchase you’ll regret by bearing in mind the below factors.

Things to Consider When Buying a PC Online

Size of the Monitor

This is an important point and one that needs to be addressed before anything else, as there’s no way you can upgrade your monitor’s size once you’ve made a decision (unless, of course, you’ve got a lot of money).

Make sure you select an appropriate monitor size based on whether you want to use your PC for gaming or regular work.

Usually, large screens are preferred for gaming, whereas regular work can be done comfortably on standard monitors.

There are dozens of options available, with monitor sizes ranging from 14 inches to 40. Opt for what best meets your requirements, but consider your choice carefully.


This is another critical component that you cannot afford to neglect. The processor determines how efficiently a computer is going to work, whether you’re coding, writing a document, browsing the internet, editing videos and images or playing video games.

Intel is undoubtedly the market leader when it comes to computer processors. There are different variants available, including the Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 models. Recently, Intel launched its Core i9 CPUs to take processing to all new heights.

They are the fastest, most advanced and updated processors currently on the market, featuring a 5.0 base clock speed and 16 MB smart cache. If you’ll be carrying out technical tasks like editing, coding or playing heavy video games, then an i7 or i9 processor should be on top of your list. Otherwise, for routine computer usage, even an i5 model can be a great choice.


Computer technology evolves at a rapid rate, so much so that 4 GB RAM will no longer give you a decent computing experience. Today, even 16 GB RAM seems insufficient. Most developers and gaming enthusiasts prefer to have 32 GB RAM installed on their systems. With this, you’ll have a smooth and fabulous experience right from day one.

Internal Memory

This is another component that cannot be sidelined when choosing a personal computer. The average internal memory in most computers these days is around 1 TB. Keep this in mind whenever you make the final call regarding internal memory.

Always opt for the newer SSD (solid state disk) drive over an older old hard drive for a seamless performance and longer life.

Touch Screen vs Traditional Screen

A touchscreen isn’t a vital factor, but it can add something extra to your PC experience. It’s worthwhile exploring the various touchscreens available on the market and seeing if it’s a feature you can live without.

That said, a traditional screen works just as effectively as a touchscreen and delivers a top-notch performance. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to upgrade to a touch screen to add an extra layer of comfort and luxury to your computing experience.

Apart from these points, you should also take into account the USB type (USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0 — where the latter technology works faster), keyboard, brand and budget. Many of us are brand conscious, and while you might be paying for the name, rather than the hardware, in a pre-built setup, opting for a custom PC lets you really see what’s beneath the hood and select only the best parts.

Keep these in mind and, of course, stick to a predetermined budget, and buying a PC will become an enjoyable experience, rather than one filled with confusion and regret.

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