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Reasons Why You Should Hide Your IP Address

Every time you get online to browse, your internet service provider(ISP) assigns you a specific IP. The purpose is to identify you throughout this connection.

But that’s not enough;any web host can trace your IP address when you visit their site. Some may even track your activity long after visiting their site.

For your privacy sake, you must conceal your internet protocol (IP) address. These are some of the reasons why you need to hide ipproxy.

Hide Your IP Address

  1. Keep Your Browsing Activity Private

With an IP address, your ISP is able to track your online activities. As such, they can sell your data to advertisers and marketing firms.

For example, you have seen ads for items you search online. Do you ever ask yourself why? Simple, your ISP can see whatever you do on the internet. As such, they’ll sell out your data to third parties to boost their sales. The sad thing is, they won’t seek your permission.

Anytime you establish an internet connection with your phone or laptop, you’re giving your ISP a chance to track your activities. But if you want to keep these activities to yourself, conceal your IP from your ISP.

  1. Bypass Internet Censorship

Some countries implement digital border to limit their citizens from accessing free internet.

By using your IP address, the governments are able to know your geographical location. As such, they can easily control what the mass public can access and what they cannot.

Fortunately, concealing your IP address helps fix this censorship problem. Through this, you can access all the sites that the authorities have censored. Most of these are adult websites, social media sites, online gambling websites,and some social media sites.

  1. Boost Your Online Security

In most cases, we take advantage of free Wi-Fi in hotels, cafes,andrestaurants. What we don’t know is the security concerns resulting from this connection.

Public network connections are the best places where hackers strive to steal from unsuspecting clients. As such, they’ll use free Wi-Fi as a trick to entice people towards them.

Currently, you can get a public Wi-Fi connection almost anywhere. In connecting to this network, you share IP address with your host. Hackers too may be snooping on this connection too, as such, they’ll get your IP. If this happens, they may be able to steal from you.

Don’t forget, IP address is your ID on the web. As such, exposing your ID to the entire web makes you vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Hiding your IP address makes you anonymous.

  1. Access Blocked Websites

Some sites will restrict their viewers to specific geographical locations. Such sites are either blocked by their web hosts, government or their ISPs.

Any other user outside this geographical area will be blocked by the use of their IP address. For example, if the site host permits connections from UK IP addresses, it’ll block connection requests from other IP addresses.

All you need to use an IP address that the web host can accept. Simply hide ip proxy and enjoy surfing freely.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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