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Social Media Promotion Can Provide You An ROI – Here’s How You Can Obtain The Desired Results!

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. Along with being a significant communication tool, it is also useful in establishing and publicizing your business digitally. This means today it is essential for a company to have a social media presence and to have its unique website. This is known as social media advertising, and it is done with the help of various social media sites.

Social Media Promotion Can Provide You An ROI

The following some of the advantages of using social media advertising:

1) You can easily raise a broad customer base by aiming target audience by demographics.

2) It is cost effective and gives guaranteed results

Digital marketing – profoundly different from traditional marketing

Although digital marketing is different from traditional marketing the basic marketing strategy of conversion of potential customers into sales and an earning a good return on investment, remains the same.

For this, there is a three-stage cycle which uses social media advertising as an essential tool:

1) Establish your social media presence

2) Targeting and Re-targeting Stage

3) Implementation of your marketing strategy

Stage 1) Establishing your presence/ Creating awareness

At this stage, people are utterly unaware of your business, product, and brand. Therefore you need to establish your business brand through various social media handles properly. This can be ensured if you gain a considerable amount of fame over five major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and Linked-In. Other notable sites are Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc.

To ensure that your business achieves social media popularity you can resort to aggressive promotion of best products through performance videos, photos, etc.

You must also use maximum organic or natural looking content in your ad content. This is because organic content directly has a positive impact on consumer psychology to induce them or attract them towards being interested in buying your business’ products. This will also further help in achieving word of mouth publicity from the customers.

Furthermore, you can research about various customer segments and target the relevant customers for your product. While doing so, you must make sure you find out such customer segments which have not been explored by your competitors. This will help you in successfully establishing your presence in social media.

Stage 2) Targeting and Re-targeting stage

In this stage, most of the people have already become familiar with your business brand and products.

Now you need to focus on your target audience, that is, your potential customers. In case, certain potential customers have been lost then you can do re-targeting. This targeting and re-targeting can be done by demographics like age, income, location, consumer preference, etc.

Also, certain social media websites provide specific tools which are very useful for this stage. For instance, the Facebook pixel is a tool which analyses consumer behavior and searches traffic patterns and after that helps you to proximate your customer base. Apart from this, other tools are also available. Like for instance, Lookalike Audience tool of Facebook creates Lookalike audience customers for quality reviews and even product satisfaction comments. These reviews and comments then influence the target customers into buying the product.

Stage 3) Implement your strategy to boost your sales

This stage aims at the implementation of your digital marketing strategy to convert all your customers into sales and develop good customer relationships.

This can be done with the help of creating ad content in photos, visuals, audios, etc.

Make sure that you are content is unique, funny, or out of the box, so that maximum customers are attracted to purchase your product. To make your ad content more exciting and attractive, you can introduce some irresistible offers like discounts, gifts, and vouchers, free samples, Incentives, etc.

To improve the quality of ad content, you can also use professional aids, better technology, and good quality writers. This will enhance the look of your advertise and thereby make it more appealing.

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Digital marketing although being different from traditional marketing still has the same goals of sales and maximum return on investment. To achieve this if you adopt the three-stage approach with social media advertising, consisting of establishing your online presence, developing a target customer audience, and implementing your strategy, then you will have a competitive advantage 90% of the digital marketers.

John Paul
John Paul
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