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How Much Internet Speed Do You Need?

They attach them to Internet service packages. You’ll find them expressed as Mbps – which means megabits per second. It’s a measure of packets of data delivered every second. Like calories and social-media friends, though, Internet speed needs a bit of context.

You don’t need a 645-horsepower sports car to drive a few miles to the bus stop. It’s also not necessary to bulk up on gig Internet for a daily check of email and headlines.

Need Internet Speed Fast

Is streaming a way of life in your home? Skimming with the minimal speed plans your local providers offer won’t cut it, at all. That’d be like hauling a boat on a trailer in a smart car.

How to pick the speed you need? Consider these factors.


Number of users | One-user households that don’t stream, download or game can survive with first-tier plans.Even if you’re a super streamer, and live with one, the maximum plan isn’t always crucial.

THE DOWNLOAD ECONOMY | Buying songs, downloading movies, or gaming online? Are there other downloaders like you at that address? Even for web activity that’s not as media-rich, multiple users logged on to a network, draw extra bandwidth.


THE SLOW LANE | Basic web browsing doesn’t burn tons of speed.. Mid-range plans carry enough broadband speed to keep you afloat

THE FAST LANE | If gaming is your thing, and streaming has meaning, you’ll need a bit of speed for all that. Also, videoconferencing can eat up bandwidth.

Every home is different. Interests pop up and wane; kids move away to college; dynamics change. That’s why we createdour speed recommendation tool. It takes into account your unique household situation in order to find that sweet spot of speed for you. Find it here:

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