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Why It’s Good to Know How to Make Home-Made Desiccant

Many people, particularly those running homesteads, always face the problem of having moisture on their dry food, ammunition and other containers.

Moisture can lead to bacteria, mold, rust, and several other health complications that emanate from the humidity.

Desiccant packs are designed to help keep moisture off these things and work with maximum efficacy in keeping them dry.

How to Make Home-Made Desiccant

When you put it into perspective, however, one pound of desiccant, along with the shipping fees, usually costs a whole fortune. Besides, who would want to spend all that money on a commercialized desiccant yet they can have a DIY one.

Rather than walking into a store and purchasing an expensive desiccant, buy the essential components and make a home-made one.

In this piece, we’ve compiled information on the overwhelming benefits of making a home-made desiccant.

Dry out electronics

Using a desiccant to dry electronics is one of the most useful elements, especially if you have young children at home.

Besides, the risk of dropping your phone or iPod in the sink or toilet is always imminent when you’re at home.

If this occurs, take the battery and sim card out of your handset then put them inside a container with as many desiccants as possible.

Seal the container entirely and leave it to last for at least 24 hours for the desiccant to absorb all the moisture.

Prevent tarnishing, rusting, or odors

A DIY desiccant works more or less the same as a commercial one.

Towels and some gym clothes can start producing odors, especially if they stay in the gym bag for long.

With a home-made desiccant, you can put it in the gym bag to prevent mildew and keep the gym clothes and towels as fresh as possible.

Besides, you can store them with jewelry, silverware or put them inside a toolbox to prevent the jewelry or tools from rusting or tarnishing.

If you keep some winter clothes or duvets in the closet during winter, throw in some desiccants to keep them from mildewing and offset the possibility of bad odors.

Keep items in your electronic bags safe from spills

Sometimes your water bottle opens when you’re walking down the school pavement, or the stuff in your suitcase exploded when you’re traveling due to changes in air pressure.

Since there’s nothing you can do to prevent such occurrences with maximum efficacy, you can prevent the electronics from damaging by sealing them in a compartment with a couple of desiccants.

If some spillages occur without your knowledge, the desiccants would keep your gadgets safe and prevent such accidental spills from damaging them.


Several perks come with using a home-made desiccant over the conventionally purchases ones.

From keeping your electronics safe to prevent molds from forming in your gym clothes and bags, a DIY desiccant comes with convenience, efficiency and portability.

If you’ve been contemplating whether or not to make a home-made desiccant, this is the time to get all the necessary elements and make your tailored desiccant.


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