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Handy Tips to Recover Data From Permanently Damaged Hard Drive

Everyone uses hard drives to store their critical data. However, doing so people forget the risk of losing their data in case their hard drive gets damaged. There are numerous ways in which your hard drive can get permanently damaged.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain some handy tips for hard drive data recovery from permanently damaged hard disk.

Handy Tips to Recover Data From Permanently Damaged Hard Drive

Handy Tips to Recover Data From Permanently Damaged Hard Drive

Here are handy tips for recovering data from permanently damaged hard drive:

1. Hard Drive Data Recovery Using Software:

Before trying to recover your data, keep in mind never work with the defaulted drive or drive in question. The longer your drive is connected with the running system, the higher are the chances of data loss, and you won’t recover it.

Shut down your computer or laptop immediately and try to recover data from the clone of the hard disk. In case you have permanently lost all of your data, use some good hard drive data recovery software to recover your data.

There are several good data recovery software in the market you can choose the one of your liking for a successful data retrieval.

2. Hard Drive Data Recovery Using Hardware:

Sometimes your hard disk becomes so damaged that your machine won’t be able to detect it. In this case, you cannot recover data using data recovery software although data is safe in the drive. Therefore, another option you have to recover data from the permanently damaged hard drive is by using hardware.

To successfully recover data using this method, you need to ask the following questions:

●  Is the drive making no sound when connected or accessed?

If your drive is not making any sound when connected or accessed, it means it is not spinning at all. It means there is an issue with the drives PCB. Thus, you need to replace the PCB of your device.

However, if you have modern drives, then you need to locate TVS diodes on the drive and test them to see any shortcomings. If any diode shows a problem replace it.

●  Is the drive making a clicking sound when connected or accessed?

Whether your device is making sounds or it doesn’t make any sound and is not spinning when connected then contact a professional data recovery service.

●  Does your device hang when connected with a computer?

When your computer detects your device, and it is spinning, but it hangs on accessing then it means more than one component is in bad shape. This might occur when you are using a drive for a long time.

●  Is your drive making a beeping sound?

Beeping sound is an indication of mechanical failure. Either the motor spindle around which the platter rotates stops or your drive is suffering from stiction. In both of these scenarios, you have to open the drive to replace it.

Is your drive not detected or detected with the wrong capacity?

If this is the case, then there is a problem with the firmware of the drive.

In all of these cases, the best option is to send your drive to professional service for the hard drive data recovery.

Final Words

To recover data from the permanently damaged hard drive, you can either go for software of hardware solution. Which one best suits you depends on the extent of the damage of the hard drive.

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