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Why Is Multcloud Cloud Storage Manager Gaining Popularity?

Cloud storage is basically a cloud computing approach in which data is stored on the Internet and managed & operated by a cloud computing provider. It is on-demand delivered, with just-in-time capacity and rates, and it saves you money by not having to buy & manage your own data storage infrastructure. This provides you with flexibility, global scale, and durability, as well as data accessibility regardless of time or location.

Multcloud Cloud Storage Manager

Which is the most trustable and ideal Cloud Storage Manager?

MultCloud provides a service that connects all of your cloud storage providers into a single platform, simplifying accessibility. It’s a web-based, cross-platform solution. MultCloud enables transferring files a quick and pleasant operation by using copy/paste or synchronizing between two cloud-based servers. MultCloud will complete any data-to-data connection for you, so you don’t have to be online for the entire procedure.

This system also allows you to schedule transfers whenever you want, so you don’t have to start the procedure manually. You can set it to start migrating or updating sync with other cloud computing services after a particular amount of time has passed, or you can set it to transmit data when your machine is turned off.

Benefits of using MultCloud Storage Cloud Manager

  • Grouping of multi-clouds space

MultCloud allows users to consolidate cloud storage from many cloud services in one. Because most online storage providers give us a set amount of free cloud storage, combining Multi-clouds space can give you over 5GB of free cloud storage just by integrating numerous cloud services to MultCloud.

  • Supported with 32 cloud services

MultCloud has so far supported 32 cloud storage services. Many firms, such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, SugarSync, FTP, Flickr, and others, offer cloud storage services with their features. Multiple clouds can be used to meet all of your needs or merely to “extend” your free online storage. MultCloud allows you to manage all of your online files across 32 different clouds from one location.

  • Manage all clouds in one location

MultCloud is a multiple cloud manager that allows cloud storage customers to manage all of their cloud services from one location and access all of their online files with just one login. When users need to manage online flies between several clouds, using OAuth login removes the need to log in differently to each account after the first time, which can save a lot of time.

  • Make use of a cloud explorer for multi-clouds

MultCloud is a free cloud management technology that lets users browse, access, and organize all of their online files across numerous cloud providers using a Windows Explorer-like interface. It can also be used as a cloud browser, allowing users to search for files across several cloud providers using a single Web interface.

  • Notification when cloud to cloud transfer is done

MultCloud’s file transmission across clouds is handled by the MultCloud server, thus the operation continues even when the device is turned off. In addition, if you enable MultCloud’s message notification system, you will receive an E-mail notification once the transfer is complete.

  • Check and correctly manage transfer tasks in clouds

MultCloud customers can set up a simple transfer job to transfer files between cloud storage services instead of downloading and uploading files again from one cloud to another. If you’ve set up some transfer jobs in MultCloud, you’ll be able to see and manage them all in one place.

  • Transfer files with a specific extension in clouds

Users can use MultCloud to move, sync, or backup files with a certain extension among cloud storage services. MultCloud customers may automatically locate and conduct cloud file transfer tasks if they enter the extension name of the files they want to move between cloud services in the transfer filter system.

Why is MultCloud trustworthy than other Cloud Storage Managers?

  • OAuth Authorization System

MultCloud’s authorization method is based on OAuth, therefore the name and password for the cloud drive profile you add to MultCloud won’t be saved. It allows third-party apps to connect to cloud services without requiring a login and password.

  • No need to worry about Saving Data

MultCloud does not save any information about its users. When you use MultCloud to access one of your cloud drive accounts, a connection is automatically established among the two servers: MultCloud and the cloud drive you’ve requested. MultCloud is solely capable of acting as a channel.

  • Encryption 256-bit AES

During data transport, it uses 256-bit AES encryption. It’s a cutting-edge encryption system that can keep your data safe from tampering, interception, and cracking. Please rest assured that using MultCloud’s service is completely risk-free.

  • Compliance with Privacy & GDPR

Your privacy is important to us. To preserve the privacy of personal data, it uses suitable security and technical measures. MultCloud can also only process personal data that is required for a specific reason. To learn more about what data is collected and how it is used, disclose, and safeguard user information, please visit its privacy policy.

  • Delete Added Clouds Anytime

MultCloud connection permissions must be authorized when you add a cloud account to MultCloud. Yes, you can cancel MultCloud authorization at any moment. MultCloud will no longer be linked to this cloud account if you withdraw the authorization. You can also delete your MultCloud account completely at any moment, which would remove all of your account information from our database.

Signing off…

There is a wide range of cloud storage management services that can help you manage every aspect of your cloud data in the manner that you need. This might include everything from synchronizing accounts so that all of your data is in one place to basic backups and data migration from one single cloud platform to another.

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