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Why is iPhone Backup Important?

Have you ever used an iPhone? If yes, then you must have noticed that iPhone backup is a crucial part for those devices, and to fulfill that part Apple offers iCloud backup storage.

But the issue is, iCloud backup storage offered is less and the charges to expand that storage officially from Apple is expensive.

Why is iPhone Backup Important

Hence the problem arises.

While the solution is to invest in high-quality iPhone backup services that offer you backup storage and services at cheap rates.

Here in this post we are going to discuss one such tool which is known as AOMEI Mbackupper.

To know more make sure to read this post till the end.

About AOMEI Mbackupper 

AOMEI Mbackupper is high-quality tools that help you to backup iPhone data to online cloud storage. Not just that if you are looking forward to transferring your cloud storage data from one device to another in that case the tool can help too.

The best part is, when you are using iCloud storage you can only transfer it from one iPhone to another, but when you want to transfer the data between iPhone and a PC you won’t be able to do that.

This is not the case with AOMEI Mbackupper.

You can easily transfer data from one iPhone or one PC to another device easily.

This tool offers plenty of features and security options, let us have a look at them in the coming section.

Features offered by AOMEI Mbackupper 

The team precisely works on the security part because of the increasing hacking issues. Let us have a look at what this tool has to offer to its customers:

  • The first and most important feature is you can take advantage of quick data backup. If you have used any other data backup services then you must have noticed that they offer slower services.

But that is not the case with AOMEI Mbackupper. Hence you can back up your iPhone data in no time.

  • People are facing a lot of security concerns linked with iPhone backup service providers, but with AOMEI Mbackupper you get the latest security integrations that help you in keeping your data secured.

Hence you won’t have to worry about such issues at all.

  • This tool also adds an access to a single button that will help you clear all your iPhone data at once. In case you lost your device and you have important data backed up on it, then you can remotely delete that data easily.
  • Whenever you are backing up the data all at once there are chances that you end up backing up the same type of pictures. You can easily solve this issue with AMOEI Mbackupper tool, as it has an automation system with the help of which you can easily delete duplicate images.

Not just images, but you can also delete duplicate videos and documents.

  • If you have used an iPhone then you must be knowing that the iPhone stores its photos in HEIC format which is not capable with other devices. So with the help of this tool you would be able to automatically convert those HEIC photos into JPGs and then it gets backed up on the cloud storage.

This was all about the most important features offered by this iPhone backup storage tool.

Pricing of AOMEI Mbackupper 

This tool is offered in different pricings, let us have a look at them:

  • Free Plan: If you are having a requirement to transfer around 30 files everyday then you can directly start using this tool with the free plan. Not just that, with the help of this free plan you can connect an unlimited number of devices easily.
  • Pro 1-year: If you want to transfer an unlimited number of files everyday then you should move forward with Pro 1-year plan. The charges of this plan are $25.46 per year, in which you can connect 5 PCs easily.
  • Pro Lifetime: This is similar to the Pro plan but in this you would be able to get lifetime free upgrade access. The charges of this plan are $29.97 per year.

This was all about the plans offered by this tool.


iPhone backup is easy now, yes you heard it right. With the help of AOMEI Mbackupper you can easily carry forward storage backup, not just that you can transfer the data between iPhone and PCs.

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