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Why Does Insta Bar Disposable Vape Kit So Cute And Practical?

With the arrival of the new year of 2023, vape products have also begun to be updated. Recently, many new products have been launched, which is dizzying. Among them, the insta bar disposable vape kit can be said to be very exciting.

I believe that when you see this disposable vape kit, you will be attracted by him at first sight, because it is so eye-catching. As a newly launched product, it subverts the shape of conventional disposable pods in the past. The slim and flat overall body shape makes it look round and cute, not only makes it comfortable to hold, but also its mini size is very convenient for you to go out carry. It is decorated with 6 different colors, and the white recessed part in the middle is printed with clear brand names and flavors, so that you can distinguish and choose flavors faster.

Insta Bar Disposable

This unique disposable pod has a built-in 650mAh battery. I believe this battery capacity can provide enough battery life for most vape enthusiasts and meet the puffing needs. You don’t need to worry even if the battery runs out, this disposable pod can also support type-c charging. And it charges so fast that it won’t tie you up for too long. When it runs out of power, all you have to do is enjoy a nice cup of coffee and let it keep working for you.

Insta Bar Disposable Vape Kit

In addition, it has a capacity of 12ml of e-liquid, which can provide you with about 5000 puffs, which can meet the smoking needs of most people. There are as many as 13 flavors carefully developed for you to choose from, which will bring you an immersive and wonderful taste experience with different tastes, add more attempts for you, and restore the purest original flavor of e-liquid until the last drop of e-liquid is exhausted.

The most convenient thing about disposable cigarettes is that when the e-liquid is exhausted, there is no need for cumbersome refilling process, just throw it away and start the adventure of the next flavor vape. This disposable cigarette also supports an automatic inhalation activation system, which activates the device with just a light inhalation, allowing you to inhale whenever and wherever you want. Can’t wait to try it out?

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