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Why Car Brake Pads Need To Be Checked Regularly

Owning a car and keeping it running properly is something most people overlook. There is a common belief among car owners that for as long as the vehicle is usable, they are good to go. Unfortunately, this could result in certain consequences such as the automobile breaking down at the least time one expects or accidents, in the worst case scenarios.

Either way, these are car-related problems are something that can be avoided. Car maintenance is a must for car owners and the best person for the job is a mechanic. They can make the necessary diagnostics and have the necessary equipment and tools to make sure that a car runs smoothly.

Brake Pads Need To Be Checked Regularly

Check the Brakes

A car that can start and run daily should not be the sole measure to determine if it is in top condition. And one part that needs to be checked regularly is the brake system.

It is one of the most important components of a car, particularly when it comes to making stops. Safety of the driver and passengers is the equally important, meaning having it checked on occasion is a must.

A car’s braking system is composed of different parts. This includes the brake pads which normally come at a price. The average brake pad replacement cost is $150 per axle and can range from $100 per axle up to $300 per axle.

Of course, there are other components in the brake system that need to be checked as well. Calipers and rotors are equally important, each of which can break down due to wear and tear. With the aid of handy torque wenches, a certified mechanic can loosen and tighten away those bolts and hinges – a standard when car repairs are underway.

So when is the right time to bring a car to the mechanic? For people who pay close attention to performance, hearing something odd or a sudden change in performance is already the cue to have a mechanic look at it. There are folks who would wait until it actually breaks down – a bad practice considering it could end up being an expensive repair.

Again, this is a belief that should be avoided. Repairs can either be minor or major, the former being the cost-efficient way. Brake pads do have a lifespan although this will also depend on different factors. But on the average, most brake pad companies claim that a standard one typically lasts between 30,000 to 70,000 miles.

Hence, the time to replace brake pads would depend on the frequency of use and distance traveled. This practice alone signified that folks who want to be safe and avoid the inconvenience of seeing their car conk out on the road.

Maintenance schedule frequently with older vehicles

The frequency of having a car checked will also depend on the model of an automobile. Brand new cars would be normally free from car worries in the first five years, although this depends on how a person drives their car. Normally, car retailers advise new car owners to bring their car back as part of their warranty program, spells where they would do a general check to see that each component is still in proper working order. On the average, a safe estimate would be every 6 months.

This, however, does not apply to vehicles that have been around. Vehicles 10 years and above would have to undergo car maintenance more often, something that is again tied to the years of service where some parts would understandably get worn off.

Also, it should be remembered that nothing beats the original. Ideally, replacement parts are the way to go for the budget-conscious consumer. However, this also means that the quality of that part is inferior compared to the original one when a person buys a vehicle.

This is one of the main reasons why some folks are advised to go for brand new cars for as long as they can afford it. If not, the best recourse is to get a reasonably priced vehicle, preferably a model that is not beyond 10 to 15 years.

Either way, a car needs annual or even bi-annual maintenance even if it is performing very well. Folks are reminded that while it may be a burden and time-consuming, they payoff is that they will not be caught off guard when something goes wrong. Looking further, it is a way of making sure that car owners are safe on the road.

Owning a car is not as simple as driving. People need to do their part as well for its safe upkeep. Addressing minor car issues can save people some bucks, better than worrying about expensive ones that some may not be able to afford. And if that should happen, one can only wonder – if a car cannot be fixed, it will end up idle and useless – yet another burden one will surely regret.

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