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Why Your Business Should Have A Memorable Business Number?

Are your customers hesitating to call you up as your business number is to too difficult to remember?

Do you know that a simple business number can actually augment your success?

Setting up a business demands a lot. Starting from the planning to space set-up, each factor has its own role to play to set up a business. If you fail to pay adequate attention over any of these factors, odds are high that your business will have a tough time of thriving. One such curial component of any business is your office phone number.

Why Your Business Should Have A Memorable Business Number

Whether it is promoting your business or answering any business inquiry, a VOIP phone number helps you at each step. With its help, you can actually handle inbound and outbound call traffic with an ease and be available at your customers’ service around the clock.

Now, the question is:

Will any UK Virtual phone number suffice for the purpose?

The answer is ‘No’.

Any random virtual phone system often puts customers off to call you up. Thus, if you want that your customers don’t find it difficult to call you at any point in time then you should own a virtual number of that region that is not only available but is easy-to-remember as well.

This simple step of picking an easy-to-remember business phone number makes a huge difference in the long run.

What sort of numbers falls under the category of “easy-to-remember” numbers?

There is one special characteristic of easy-to-remember or memorable numbers that make them stand against the other numbers and it is the consecutiveness of few digits. For instance, numbers like 111 333 8484 or 0800 200 6000. As few digits are repeating again and again, these sorts of numbers are easy to remember.  Your customers can easily memorize them and can dial it anytime.

The major categories of these sorts of numbers are:

  • Single repeats – In this category, one digit repeats again and again and makes one set. For example, numbers like 1111, 2222, 3333.
  • Repeated pairs – You will get your office contact number is a repeated pair like 3344, 8899 and 2299.
  • Double repeats – Your VoIP numbers will come in a format, such as 2323, 7474 and 9090.
  • Consecutive runs In this section of Virtual numbers, you will get your business phone number either in ascending or descending run of digits. For example 1234, 5678, and 9876
  • Step up-and-down digits – In this format, few digits will be in step-up and- down pattern such as 5767 and 7898.
  • Mirrored digits – Your business phone number under this category are the mirrored image of initial digits. Just like 1221 and 7667.
  • Repeated prefix- The prefix of your business number will be repeated under this category, for instance, 233 and 6887.

Why you should own an easy-to-remember business phone number?

No one can overlook the worth of an office number for a business. However, it is very necessary that the number should be capable enough to serve its assumed purposes.  Getting an “easy-to-remember” virtual phone system makes a huge difference. Here is how:

  • An easy-to-remember number fuels up your marketing strategies

This is particularly true in the case of businesses that are into direct public dealing like a bank, taxi services, or online store. When you have a memorable number, the customer can easily remember it, so it is better than any sort of marketing strategy. For example, you run a cab facility business and your VOIP phone number is mentioned right over the taxis that run under your brand then your possible customers will remember it from the very moment when they see the cabs on the road.

Even they can easily remember it from a billboard also. On the same note, this practice is also very useful for businesses that rely on word of mouth like plumber or electrician. If such businesses own an easy-to-remember then their existing customers can easily refer them to their near acquaintances.

  • It catches the attention of the customers

A patterned UK virtual phone number catches that attention of the crowd easily and rapidity. When they see a number like 2222, 4444, 6666 written a billboard or somewhere else, its symmetric structure force them to notice it at least once.   Even, chances are high that they will be able to recall it easily in comparison of the VoIP numbers that are complex in nature.

An easy-to-remember office phone number is the spine of any business. It brings you into the limelight and ensures that your customers reach you out without any hassles. So, replace your old complex business phone number with the interesting and easy number and let your customer remember you till eternity.

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