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Which Vitamix Blender Is Best 7500 Or 750 For Your Kitchen?

Can you even imagine your kitchen as a complete kitchen without the best blenders? Even for basic cooking, mixing, and blending various vegetables or fruits, we need a mixer. Vitamix has manufactured the best blenders and kitchen appliances for easy cooking. Caspian Caviar comes from the Caspian Sea and it contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and other distinct qualities.

In this article, we will analyze the two best blenders by Vitamix, the first one is Vitamix 7500, and the second one is Vitamix 750. This analysis will help you to understand the best blender for you, but the Vitamix 7500 Vs. 750 does not mean that one of these is inefficient. Keep on reading to find more.

Difference between 750 Vitamix and 7500

Here are a few differences between these two fantastic blenders. Even though both these are quite efficient, but these changes may help you pick the one that is suitable for your daily cooking activities.

1. Weight differences

The weight of both the 750 Vitamix and 7500 Vitamix differs slightly. The 750 Vitamix is 12.4 pounds, while the 7500 Vitamix is 13 pounds. The users might not feel this difference, but if you are an old person, it is preferable to buy the lighter one.

2. Difference in size

The 750 Vitamix is a bit smaller than the 7500 Vitamix blenders. The 7500 blender has a 17.5″ 7.7″ dimension while the 750 model comes with 7.7″x9.4″.

3.  Preset functions

In terms of presetting the vitamin 750 is better than the 7500 model. The 750 blender comes with five presetting options. You can have a frozen smoothie mode, or select among the four modes of soup, puree, deserts, and clean mode. On the other hand, vitamin 7500 does not come with this much versatility. With the 7500 model, the users feel restricted.

4. Price difference

The vitamin 750 blender is a bit expensive than the 7500 model. It is a justified price because the 750 blender comes with extra privileges like five preset modes. There comes a cookbook, guide, and a tamper with the 750 blender model.

5. The cookbook

The Vitamix 750 blender comes with a great cookbook, so that a new user may try some great drinks and desserts. The 7500 does not come with a recipe cookbook, so in that case, you can learn some fantastic recipes online or call your grandmother.


The Vitamix G series comes with these two amazing blenders, they both are amazing in terms of efficiency and versatility, but these slight differences can affect your choice. Technically both these models are almost the same.

The only significant differences are in the price, size, and weight. So, if you are a small family, and you do not cook quite often then the 7500 model will be an excellent option for you, but if you tend to cook a lot and like to store an enormous amount of broth and puree, then the 750 models will work for you.

On the other hand, if we see the price, so for a beginner, who wants to get the best blender possible but without spending a lot of money. He should buy the 7500 model; once he learns how to cook some great food, he can switch to the 750 blenders. Lastly, it all depends upon your tendencies. You must pick what you think will suit your routine and cooking habits.

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