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Where Can I Drop My Coins For Cash For Free?

Are you one of those who love to collect coins in a jar? There’s nothing wrong with being old-fashioned. When you’re young, you always dream of collecting all these coins and making something out of them down the road. Do you still want to drop your coins for cash? If you want to move in that direction, we can suggest a few ways such as Publix Coin Machine, through which you can drop your coins for cash for free. Here are those places where you can manage to do so:

Coins For Cash For Free

1. Local Banks

One of the most common ways through which you can convert your coins into cash is by visiting a local bank near you. There are all the chances that your coins are converted into cash instantly and you don’t have to pay a price for it either. There are coin-counting machines in the majority of the banks which makes it an easy deal. However, not every bank is going to have such machines. So you have to research nicely and see if any of the local banks can convert coins into cash.

2.   Safeway

Safeway is another platform where you can convert your coins into cash. It is one of the rare companies that comes with self-checkout kiosks. Safeway also incorporates the use of Apple Pay so if you want to make a cashless transaction here, you can do it quite easily. There are over 1300 Safeway stores all over the United States. So if you’re living in this country, it is very much possible that a Safeway Store is somewhere around you.

3. Walmart

Walmart is one of the most famous retail giants all across the globe. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you will be easily able to convert your cash into coins once you visit any of the Walmart stores near you. So if you have saved enough coins to account for a good shopping experience at Walmart, it is going to be an amazing deal. If you have been collecting the coins for several years, it’s going to boil down to this one moment where you get to buy the stuff you like by converting such coins into cash.

4. Lowe’s

This is another retail store that is going to be available all over the United States. With over 2,000 Lowe’s stores across 50 states throughout this country, it is almost sure that it is going to be somewhere around you as well. So it’s only fair that it comes with self-checkout kiosks too. But this feature is not there in every given Lowe’s store. The self-checkout kiosks on part of Lowe’s might not be the most smooth experience so you better consult an employee to convert your coins into cash.

5. Kroger

This is another well-known retail store that has converted coins into cash for several people in the past. However, there’s been a slight change in its policies. So if you want to get cash in hand for the coins, it isn’t possible through Kroger. But you have an option of keeping the money as “leftover” which you can use to buy something in any given retail shop of Kroger. So you can make something out of the coins that you have collected for a long period.

6. ShopRite

ShopRite is one of the best places to convert your coins into real cash for free. Almost all ShopRite stores have the facility of self-checkout kiosks. The downside here is that they are very limited in number. You’re only going to find it in a few cities in the USA. But if you have got one in your locality, it’s a blessing in disguise for sure.

7. Home Depot

Home Depot is a great place to buy equipment for your house. There are about 1900 Home Depot stores in the USA while there are as many as 2000 of them worldwide. Although it comes with self-checkout kiosks, it might not always be possible to convert coins into cash easily. So it might be a problem for those who are introverts.

These are some of the retail stores where you can convert your coins into actual cash. Even if you fail to convert it into cash, you have a chance to use it to buy some other items that can prove to be useful to you!

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