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Where are the Atlas Mountains in Morocco?

Atlas mountains are commuting their ranges through different countries of the African continent. Large part of the Atlas Mountains also pass through Morocco as well. The rarest spots of the Atlas Mountains stood the fate of Morocco. When tourists from different localities of the world plan to arrange a tour to Morocco, tour to the Atlas Mountains is one of their top priorities while listing down the spots to visit in Morocco. The Atlas Mountains are spreading through the different countries and commute their ranges up to  775,340 km². Morocco is that particular piece of land where you enjoy trekking on Mountains, camel riding in deserts and paragliding as well. It is all based on your affords if you can enjoy all these luxurious entertainments or not. Different tour agencies offer you different packages which you have a choice among them according to your financial and time affords. The speakest spot of Atlas Mountains, fortunately, stood the part of Morocco which is known as Toubkal. People plan to visit Morocco not only because of the Atlas Mountains, it’s the land of colorful beaches and deserts as well. 

Toubukal, the peak spot on Atlas Mountains 

Toubukal is the highest spot found in the wide ranges of the Atlas mountains. Reaching out one of the highest spots would surely not be an easy task. Trekking the Toubukal does not require you any particular expertise to have climbed up the top.  Different hill climbs in the world require the adventurists to have learned particular skills before they climb the tops of mountains. When it comes to Tobukal top, you must be physically fit. As you should not be suffering from running short of breath. Due to a natural effect of air thinning in the hilly areas, it can cause you serious health problems. Trekking is quite easy and doesn’t require you any technical skills as most of the hill climbs require. Trekking the top requires you to trek 4000 meters if you want to get yourself counted among the successful Toubukal climbers. Tobukal park is also there in the bases of this top. Whoever doesn’t want to climb up the peak spend his/her time in that park. You can enjoy the panoramic scenery of different nearby cities of Morocco as well. In winter,it can be a little difficult for you to climb the Toubukal top as the tracks you are going to follow will get snowy in winter. Snowy track can cause hindrance to trek the Toubukal top

Now, you are done with Trekking in Morocco, there are a lot of other things to do in Morocco as well. Bustling cities of Morocco, buzzing with different cultures can make you pleased in many aspects. If you have arranged a long tour to Morocco, you must experience a camel ride in Morocco desert as well.

Bustling cities of Morocco and Morocco Desert

It is a must you have landed somewhere at one of the cities of Morocco.Now, if you have trekked the Atlas top, you must enjoy the glittering beauty of different cities of Morocco. If you are willing to arrange your tour to Morocco in March or September, you are suggested to wander any of the cities of Morocco. Rabat, the capital of Morocco, spreads its boundaries around the coastal areas where you can stay at any hotel to enjoy a tour to eye-catching beaches of Morocco. In Fes and Marrakech, you will enjoy different Spanish and French Cultures as Morocco had been a colony of spain and France as well in its earlier ages. The weather is extremely hot during summer (June- August) in Morocco in central cities of Morocco like Fes and Marrakech.

Enlist your tour to Morocco among incomplete ones, if you have not visited the Morocco desert. Merzouga and Zagora are the towns in Morocco Desert which you should visit if you are available with time. At least, you must visit one of these towns if you are willing to experience the people’s life in deserts. Merzouga is the desert which commutes long ranges of sand dunes. On the other hand, Zagora is totally opposite to this and it ranges with different rocky objects within its premises.

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