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The Automatic Braking System

It would be overwhelming to keep updated with the latest developments of vehicle innovation and technology. But most of them are created with the same goal: prevent accidents and save our lives. Over the past few years, automatic braking systems are increasingly praised as one of the most important advances in automotive safety features. Read on to learn more about an automatic braking system and its role in your car.

The Automatic Braking System


Automatic Braking System

What is an automatic braking system?

As the same implies, an automatic braking system can automatically apply the braking system in your vehicle whenever it detects another car or object standing in front. Experts at Element Wheels says this braking system works with your car’s wheels to prevent or reduce the severity of a collision or crash. Sensors used to detect the obstacles could include ultrasonic, infrared, video, radar. Even GPS sensors can be used to locate fixed dangers on the road.

How does an automatic braking system work?

The exact technology can vary between different manufacturers, but most automatic braking systems include a series of cameras, radar, or sensors to detect a possible object. Once an obstacle is sensed, the signals will be transmitted to the processing center for analysis. If the speed of your car is higher than that of the car in front, the system will automatically activate the brakes to prevent a possible collision. At the same time, it also sends a message to the driver via voices, LED lights, or beeping sounds to alert.

However, not all alerts are correct in most cases. And sometimes, the system might misread some moving objects on the road due to a few technical errors or environmental factors. Automotive manufacturers are investing more in research and development to improve these technologies in the future.

Do drivers really need an automatic brake system in their cars?

It is estimated that up to one-third of all reported crashes is a rear-end collision with other vehicles. Therefore, automatic brakes can be a useful technology that helps prevent accidents and minimize the risks of collisions on the road. However, models with this feature tend to be available in luxury models with higher prices. This makes it can be challenging to make a decision.

The final decision is up to your driving habits and conditions. If you are a driver who is upgrading vehicle parts keep car weight relatively low, like opting for an Accuair Endo cvt kit or the ultra light Honda civic rims, then perhaps you won’t need an automatic braking system. On the other hand, if you have a heavy vehicle or often lose focus or feel drowsy when driving in a long distance, then spending more money on this feature can save your life.

Automatic braking systems are mainly designed to work as a safeguard against unfocused and distracted driving. Many truck or taxi drivers who often work at night might find this system helpful if they often fall asleep behind the steering wheel. In fact, many people won’t ever need to use this system, but it is still a great safety net on the road.

The Bottom Line

Luxury models from Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW are leading the market with this crash-prevention technology. However, more and more manufacturers are integrating it into their vehicles. But no matter which system you choose, an automatic braking system isn’t meant to replace your focus on the road. After all, it is just a supporter to maximize your safety and minimize risks.

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