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What’s New with the Shopify-Oracle ERP Integration?

SoftArt Solutions is an Oracle partner with e-commerce and other clients throughout the United States. SoftArt Solutions focuses on Oracle technologies such as Shopify-Oracle integrations. 

If you have a Shopify storefront, SoftArt Solutions provides comprehensive integration with NetSuite for capabilities like sales tax handling, order variance reporting, and other essential financial tools for your online business. Learn how this prebuilt tool can drive your business.

Shopify is a comprehensive digital storefront for merchants who want to grow their e-commerce revenue. However, aligning Shopify with an ERP powerhouse such as Oracle provides so much more functionality on the backend.

If your company can integrate Shopify and Oracle, it gives you the ability to sync your product and pricing information with inventory status and customer information. This ability to automate your operations increases productivity with huge upside potential in retention, customer satisfaction and return business.

SoftArt Solutions can run point on an Oracle-Shopify integration for cloud or on-premise systems. We help you streamline operations, so you can take advantage of the standardized NetSuite platform to scale your business.

What’s the Best Way to Guarantee a Smooth Shopify-Oracle ERP Integration?

If you want to share information between your backend ERP solutions such as Oracle in your frontend storefronts such as Shopify, and integration between these two systems is the way to go.

SoftArt Solutions Uses proprietary systems to sync the data between Oracle and Shopify, which gives you end-to-end processing that streamlines order and cash workflows and can even drive new revenue. You can integrate with Oracle ERP to configure and define your processes as well as runtime resources.

Here are just some of the advantages of integrating these two important systems:

  • Reduce errors, and enhance data integrity
  • Sync data from Shopify and other applications, files, and databases to Oracle ERP
  • Implement e-commerce to ERP integrations
  • Automate complex business processes, ordering and invoicing according to predefined business rules

What Are Some of the Advanced Advantage of a Shopify-NetSuite Integration?

Sales tax, fraud prevention, payment capture, and inventory support are just some of the advantages of a Shopify NetSuite integration. Let’s look at the details:

  • Sales Tax Handling: You can use both Shopify and NetSuite to calculate your sales tax. If you use Shopify, simply import the tax as multiple or single line items into NetSuite for various tax jurisdictions.
  • Fraud Prevention: You can use Shopify risk metrics to help finance identify potential fraud threats.
  • Payment Capture: You can capture payments in Shopify at the time of sale or in NetSuite after fulfillment or in Shopify if orders are fulfilled in NetSuite.
  • Inventory Support: Integrate inventory capture for multiple warehouse locations using NetSuite item types such as kits, assembly and other inventory groupings.
  • Promotions and Gift Cards: Sync up Shopify discount codes with NetSuite ones for individual discounts. You can also track redeemed Shopify gift cards as line items within the NetSuite sales order function.

SoftArt Solutions is an Oracle consulting partner with e-commerce and other clients throughout the United States. SoftArt Solutions focuses on Oracle technologies such as Shopify-Oracle integrations. Contact SoftArt Solutions at to learn more about how we can help your business implement Oracle solutions.

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