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Get To Know These Amazing Apps On Your Android Smartwatch

Smartwatches have been a trend for quite a while now. Some of them run on Wear OS or formerly known as Android Wear. These wearables are jam-packed with apps that have numerous handy capabilities. It’s indeed a fact, they do more than just bringing notifications- they can track your health and fitness, help you to stay organized, and entertain you.

Get To Know These Amazing Apps On Your Android Smartwatch

With all of that in mind, below are some selections of the apps for your Wear OS. Most of these apps still depend on a partner app found on your smartphone. However, a couple of these wearables have functionalities that are stand-alone. Regardless, they are essential for your smartwatch.

Google Play

One of the most valuable apps found on your Wear OS. You can place your watch next to the terminal and pay for your drink, ticket, or whatever it is you’re buying. You can do this without the trouble of getting a wallet or phone out of your pocket. It’s that quick and easy, most especially if your smartwatch has NFC, it’s simple to set up and create an account via Google Pay.

Google Maps

An app you surely want to have on your wrist. It’s also reassuring that you can check your location any time in just a glance, most especially if you’re somewhere unfamiliar. Not only that, Google Maps via Wear OS can give you directions with an estimated time. Just tap the preferred location, and tap the “option” found at the bottom part of the screen.


A grocery shopping list app that you can use easily and clearly. Ideal for your Wear OS watch. You can even make groups of family members, coworkers, friends, and share shopping lists for any type of event. The icons are clearly labeled so that it will be easy to add products. You can also add your own images.

Google Keep

One of the best note-taking apps available. Made for quick reminders, Google Keep is a note service that brings similar lists and details directly to your wrist. Whenever you are signed in to your Google account, all of your devices across are synced. A very convenient way to track supermarket progress without checking a paper list constantly.

Get To Know These Amazing Apps On Your Android Smartwatch

Wear Casts

Wouldn’t it be nice if you have the best podcast while working out? This Wear Cast is a great podcast app on your Wear OS that allows you to listen straight from your wearable. You can set it to update your favorite and latest podcast episodes automatically. You can just leave your phone at home and take your Bluetooth earbuds and your watch.

Google Slides

The newest feature for the latest Google Slide version for your presentation is: you can use your Wear OS to control your slides remotely. Amazing, isn’t it? However, you need to cast your slides to a display that is Chromecast-enabled, or either present them via a video call. This is prior to your smartwatch transforms into a smart remote presentation.


A stand-alone app for your Wear OS version 2.0 that enables you to book a ride, track your driver’s location, and get time estimates for your travel directly from your wrist. No need to use your mobile phone.


Check if who you’re compatible with by swiping left or right on your smartwatch. Tinder (one of the best dating apps) is introducing its features to Wear OS. You can now check easily  your potential dates in your area, respond to new messages, or see new matches notifications. You can use the voice command feature to open Tinder, too.


This app is one of the easiest means to look for awesome places to unwind, drink, eat, and be merry. A stand-alone app wherein you can filter different categories to find the right place you want. This is also upgraded for Wear OS 2.0.

Medisafe Meds Reminder

Having a gentle reminder to take a medication, either vitamins or following a strict meds schedule is pretty helpful. The only catch is that you need to enter every pill name, color, and shape into the mobile app which takes a bit of time. However, it’s all worth it the moment it starts buzzing your watch for exact pill and dosage notifications. So, there are no excuses for forgetting this time.


Smartwatches have been a trend because of their convenience. Although they work differently than mechanical watches (mostly in-app features), you will still need to replace a watch battery for it. Moreover, the apps mentioned are some of the best you can use from a Wear OS smartwatch. You may ask assistance from a smartwatch supplier to know more.

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