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What Style Of Custom Plaques Is Available?

Plaques are best mean to appreciate someone’s success. Most companies, schools, and universities design the custom plaques to give the award to the winners and best performers. Corporate world invests in trophies to appreciate their employees. It is awarded to acknowledge to the people who work hard and take company to the high levels in the market. There is a variety of style of these awards available. The companies design according to the requirement of their client. Some of the special styles of these awards are

What Style Of Custom Plaques Is Available

Glass Award

It is the fascinating style of the award. it comes in a variety of colors along with designs. To give them an appealing effect, the award designing company use vibrant color and fascinating fonts different engraving and sandblasting methods are used to give an impressive feel to the product. mainly glass plaque has a wooden base or some time glass base depending on the budget of the client. These are the best alternative to traditional wooden awards. Although the company can use multiple types of prizes like cash prize, bonus or some other thing the glass trophy is an excellent mean to acknowledge the best performing people in the company.

Wooden Plaques with Photos

To add charm in the award and to feel the winner more special the companies provide the picture of the winner or the best performer to the designer. The picture is embedded or pasted in the plaque. In this way, it gives the exclusive effect to the shield and the receiver get excited on receiving such prize. This is the best way to appreciate the winner. Mainly picture is on the top that the company or institute name and then position on which prize is awarded.

Granite award

It is the special and prestigious type of the award. the granite is engraved with special fonts with vibrant color and festive color themes. It looks elegant when presented to the person. These comes in two styles that are hanging like frame style or the award standing style with a compact base of the aluminum, wood or granite.

Wooden Laminated Plaque

It is a traditional and unique style of the plaque that we usually see in the company’s award ceremony. It is the stylish and lightweight style of the award. it includes all the components that the shield must have that is the name of the institute, candidate name, designation or position.

Certificate Plates

Another fascinating way to give value to the employee or student is the presentation of the certificates in plaque form. To do the owner of the employee the certificate is presented in the glass frame holder. To give the esteemed appearance they also come in stylish holders.

The importance of the plaques cannot be denied as these have become an essential mean for appreciating the people who perform well in the organization. Therefore, to acknowledge them in the best way the companies organize award ceremony and present their employees with the plaques along with other prizes.

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