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Effective Savvycube Magento Analytics And Reports

Among many e-commerce platforms, there is Magento which you can use to create and manage your e-commerce website. Magento is a powerful open source platform which offers small and large businesses to create and manage their online e-commerce retail stores. If you run an online store or an e-commerce website using Magento, then you should also utilize data analytics and reports to make it efficient and profitable.


When you create a shopping store using Magento, you will get a lot of features and solutions. Managing the e-commerce website is easy with the platform. It has almost all the tools that you need to manage the store. However, only managing and running it with basic features is not enough.

The data analytics

When you run an e-commerce website, there are several other elements that you should take into consideration. It is same as running a company. You need metrics, data analytics, reports, user experiences, number of users, clients, customers, and more. You need to know how many people who visit your store buy stuff. Who are only visitors and why do they not buy? Where are the visitors coming? What buying trends they are following? All this and a lot more are important information that you should know. You can know all this if you use services such as Savvycube Magento Analytics.

Getting Magento reports and analytics

Savvycube is a service which allows you to integrate data analytics and to report with your Magento e-commerce website. Using the app, you can get all the reports which are necessary for efficient management of your Magento store.

Importance of integrating the additional services for reporting and analytics

With the integration of this application to your Magento eCommerce website, you will be able to identify your most profitable products. You can know on your fingertips who are your best customers? You can know by reporting and tracking which channels of marketing are converting the most? With this Savvycube Magento analytics, you can get a comprehensive analysis of your Magento-driven business.

If you wish that your store performs well you need to evaluate it. The best way to evaluate the store is by performing the data analysis. For that, you need to see who are your customers. From where your customers come? What do they buy? What do they leave behind? How often they buy? You need to see all your metrics and KPIs at the same place so that you can perform the analysis and use that information to make your store even better. You need to track your profits, net revenues, costs, discounts that you offer and profit margins. You need to generate various reports and filter the data results. You need to evaluate your sales and profits too using these reports.

It is not easy to get all this information without a secure and safe application. However, when you utilize these services, you will get all the tools for performing the necessary analysis and reporting of your business. All you need is to connect Magento store with this application. You will get all that you need to run it successfully.

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