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What Kinds Of Accidents Cause Scalding Burns?

Suffering from a significant burn injury can be a very challenging experience. Those that do suffer from burns can struggle with physical pain, therapy and medical care, and even long-term disability or loss of mobility. There are several types of accidents that people should be aware of, which could cause scalding burns. 

Accidents Cause Scalding Burns

Contact with Fire or Flames

One of the most common causes of a scalding burn is if you come into contact with a fire or flame. Fire is used for cooking, heat, and other sources. While it is a natural form of energy that is useful in many situations, it needs to be properly controlled. If you come into direct contact with a fire or flame, it could lead to serious burn injuries. While the majority of burn injuries happen at home, they can also happen in any other environment that will use fire or another heating sources.

Hot Liquid or Steam

Another type of accident that can result in a serious burn injury is if your skin comes into contact with a hot liquid. Very hot liquids such as coffee, tea, hot tap water, and other common liquids have the potential to cause serious damage and burn injuries if they are spilled and come into contact with your skin. In general, if you are purchasing a beverage from a restaurant, they have the responsibility to ensure it is served at a temperature that is safe and will not cause burns. They also should serve it to you in a container that is secure and will not easily spill.

Contact with Hot Object

Similar to touching a flame, coming into contact with a hot object can cause a scalding burn. As it contracts heat and energy, metal objects that are close to fire or another heat source can get hot very quickly. These can include hot pans or metal utensils. If they do get hot and you touch them directly without any protection, they could cause a burn.

Radiation and Sun Burns

Those that suffer from a significant burn injury could also have experienced a radiation burn. These are burns that are caused by various forms of UV rays. The most common form of radiation burn are sunburns, which most people will experience at some point in their lives. While they are normally minor, significant sunburns could be quite painful and lead to a variety of different health issues in the future. Other forms of radiation burns can occur if you receive radiation therapy or an x-ray.

Chemical Burn

One of the most serious forms of burn injuries can be a chemical burn. Not only can chemical burns cause serious damage to your skin, but they can damage your eyes, organs, and other parts of your body. There are many common products that are found around a home, store or other location that you should be aware of. Some chemicals that can cause burning include bleach or common household acidic products. It is very important that you are always safe around these products and do your best to clean them up as soon as possible.

Cold Burns

While most people associate a burn with heat, it can also occur in freezing cold environments. Your skin can be seriously damaged by frostbite if it is directly exposed to air that is far too cold. You can also receive a cold burn if you are holding something in your hand that is very cold for an extended period of time. Due to this, it remains very important that you are properly covered with appropriate clothing whenever you are going out into a cold environment. 

If you do suffer from a burn injury, it could result in a considerable amount of pain as well as the need for medical care, therapy, and other expenses. At the same time, it could impact your life and ability to continue to work. Due to this, anyone that has suffered a burn injury due to the neglect of another party should hire an attorney for legal representation. The burn injury attorneys, such as those with Steven H Heisler, can continue to provide great service that will help you understand your situation and determine if pursuing a claim for legal remedies is right for you. They can then handle all aspects of your case including filing a claim, negotiating a settlement, or even deliberating it in a civil trial. This will help ensure your rights are properly represented at all times. 

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