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What Is Water Submetering System?

Submetering has been around for many years that was used for monitoring electricity usage only. However, today, it is widely used to figure out water consumption in residential and commercial buildings.

It is an essential plumbing system that provides both the tenants and the property owners with several advantages. Read on to know what water sub-meters are, how they work and why do you need to install them in your building apartment-

What Is Water Submetering System

What Are Water Sub-meters?

Water sub-meters are the devices installed in an apartment building that are used to track water usage. They figure out the water consumption of all the specific units currently living in the complex.

How Does Sub-metering Works?

Earlier, the residential apartments and buildings used to have only one main water meter to record the water consumption of all the tenants. However, with water submeters, you can track the water usage of each unit.

As a result, individuals using more water have to pay more. On the other hand, the tenants who use less water are rewarded financially as they have to pay less.

You can consider Clark Water Meters to keep a check on your water consumption.

Some Benefits Of Using Water Submetering

Though water submetering is overlooked, it can help the property managers to run their buildings more efficiently. Here are some of the reasons to submeter water use in your residential or commercial space-

Submetering Helps Prevent Leaks, Water Damage

A leaky faucet in a business apartment may result in thousands of gallons of excess water used. This entails that finding and fixing that leak is crucial for optimizing the operations.

Further, submetering provides important information on water consumption that can help to prevent a disaster. Real-time data from water meter and flow transmitter produce immediate information on spikes in water usage. By monitoring water use, an engineering team can easily determine the likelihood of machine malfunctioning.

It Creates Consumption Awareness

Using a sub-metering system, you can visualize the periods of low and high consumption of water. By knowing your water consumption, you get a strong motivation to cut back on usage. For a modern and innovative approach to water sub-metering, consider integrating bluebot technology, which offers real-time monitoring and advanced analytics to understand and manage your water usage better.

Further, sustainability efforts require metrics to assess progress as well as return on investment. Submetering solutions show which areas on the portfolio need to reduce water use. It also gives insights into the ways to accomplish this.

Water Submetering Reduces Utility Costs

Nowadays, submeters are installed in almost all residential units. A utility billing vendor or services firm reads the meter, and send the payment to the owner to reimburse it for water expenses. Instead of paying an average overall utility cost, residents pay based on their individual usage. In this way, it creates a fair billing system.

How To Install A Water Sub-Metering System?

Technological advancements have made the installation of sub-meters an easier process. You can contact a licensed technician to ensure the quality and safety features of the meters. By doing so, you ensure that your sub-meter installation is completed to the highest standards.

To sub-meter your property, you need to carry a few steps-

  • Find out how many tenants you have to monitor.
  • Contact your building contractor to order the meters and installation process.
  • Check the initial reading of the meters and allocate the cost to your tenants.
  • Once you have installed the meters, inspect thoroughly to check whether they are working or not.


The sub-meter system is a win for both the tenants and the landlords. Tenants can get accurate billing, whereas the property owners don’t have to waste time and energy monitoring the payment. Besides, it also helps to make judicious use of water. So, it is high time to contribute to water conservation that will benefit the planet and your pocket in the long run.

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