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9 Best Computer Monitors of 2019

Computer Monitor is the vital accessory of 2019. It enables you to read, browse and view that much easier. Visuals is also an important part of any user’s experience. Best computer monitors will create your computing experience more pleasurable and immersive. There are many monitors that can upset the pocket but few best monitors are very reasonably priced. So in spite of what you can afford easily, there is something impressive for you.

High resolutions, big screens or speed are your top priorities. So, it is straightforward to search for the best computer monitor to fit your requirements. May you need gaming Monitors to enjoy the best gaming system or maybe you want a USB-C monitor to praise that it can only equip your ultrabook.

Best Computer Monitors

Here is the list of 9 best transparent screen computer monitors which is tested and reviewed several times. Many jobs require different monitors and consumers have a vast range of budgets. So, we have listed some of the best monitors for everyone, from small screens to high-resolution screens that can handle anything.

1.  Dell Ultrathin USB-C

Dell Ultrathin USB-C is a powerful and beautiful screen with an amazing thin frame at a very reasonable price. This computer monitor cancels the competition with an excellent set of features. It provides USB-C connectivity and HDR support. Dell Ultrathin USB-C is the perfect choice for office and home use. it resembles the most expensive XPS13. It also has USB-A and HDMI ports. USB-C cable can draw a video from a connected phone or laptop which makes this excellent monitor a perfect accessory for everyday notebook users. This monitor cost almost $368 from AMAZON.

2.  LG 34WK95U

This LG ultrathin monitor is stunning from head to shoulders above big high-resolution monitors. LG 34-inch ultrathin screen looks fantastic and thin makes the majority of its display space. This monitor can be easily used to boot. LC 34-inch ultrathin is perfect for those who are searching for multi-monitor experience. This Monitor provides 5k resolution and illustrate as Nano-IPS screen.  This screen provides a vast range of color gamut. It has excellent color accuracy with HDR enhancement. This monitor cost almost $1000 from WALMART.

3.    Asus ROG Swift PG279Q

This perfect monitor provides 1440p, 165Hz and Nvidia G-Sync. It can easily handle everything up to 165 Frame Per Second and bids screen tearing with Nvidia G-Sync. Asus ROG Swift monitor is for those who are looking for the gaming Monitor. It is an excellent monitor for gamers with built-in Nvidia graphics cards. It cost $1000 plus from AMAZON.

4.    Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q

Dell Ultrasharp monitor provides a lean frame with a remarkably sharp screen. This monitor combines the 4k resolution with HDR support and excellent contrast ratio. This Monitor is perfect for media viewers who are searching for 4k and HDR pop. it cost more than $500 from Dell’s official website.

5.    BenQ EX3203R

BenQ is a long 32-inch screen with solid features and a gorgeous panel. It provides high resolutions, refresh rate, HDR specifications. BenQ is specially developed for gamers. This BenQ monitor is exceedingly affordable. it provides an amazing resolution of 2560 x 1440. It cost $500 from AMAZON with excellent color and HDR support.

6.    Samsung CF791

Samsung CF791 is a big working and gaming monitor with excellent picture quality. It is equipped with quantum dot technology and has excellent contrast and high-resolution picture. This special monitor is developed for those who are looking for the multi-color screen without bezels. This monitor costs more than $800 from Samsung’s official store.

7.    Dell S2319HN

This is a 23-inch screen with 1080p at an affordable price. It provides an excellent contrast ratio, thin bezel and perfect response time. This excellent monitor is developed for those who are searching on a tight budget. It cost more than $100 from NEWEGG.

8.    Acer SB220Q bi

Acer SB220Q is the perfect monitor for those who are looking on a limited budget. This is a 21.5-inch monitor with a high resolution of 1080p. Acer SB220Q provides excellent viewing angles and high-quality pictures. This perfect monitor cost almost $90.

9.    Samsung CHG90

Samsung CHG90 is the 34-inch ultra-wide monitor. This monitor has a tight 1800R curve. Samsung CHG90 is basically a gaming monitor and an excellent response time. It cost more than $900 from AMAZON.


There are many monitors available according to your needs. The listed transparent monitors mentioned above are the excellent choice of tech influencers. We have tested and reviewed these above-mentioned transparent monitors.

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