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What Is The Food Of Axolotls In Minecraft?

What are Axolotls?

Axolotls are amongst the new mobs in ‘Minecraft Caves & Cliffs’. Minecraft stated at the beginning of 2021 that the Caves & Cliffs update will be released in two stages. Let’s fasten to 2021, June 8, when the Caves & Cliffs (1.17) update’s first phase was released. Due to the development team’s distant nature and need for additional time, the second portion would be released by the end of the year.

Food Of Axolotls

Axolotls are the new “cute and exciting critters, cool objects, and new blocks” that were added to Minecraft in the first section of their update. But one of the most frequently asked questions among players is what Axolotls eat in Minecraft.

What is the purpose of Axolotls in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, axolotls can brood in any water source underground provided the player complies with a few necessities. One of these is the requirement for complete darkness around the subsurface water source. Although they usually neglect the player, they can help them to fight other dangerous aquatic beasts. A player can gain a ‘Regeneration status effect’ and gets Mining Fatigue eliminated from them if they downfall a beast attacked by axolotl.

Teaming with axolotl enables players to gain an achievement also. It’s an excellent idea to hire axolotls to defend gamers when they want to go fishing or go a long distance underwater. Except for turtles and dolphins, it can defeat anything immersed.

How to get Axolotl in Minecraft?

The player must locate one in a water resource underground in order to obtain one. The next step is to put it in a bucket or fasten it to a lead. Additionally, players can breed them to produce additional axolotls.

How to get Axolotl in Minecraft?

Once the player has two adult axolotls together, they must be served tropical fish until hearts (red color) appear on them to breed one. By doing this, one of the parents’ color patterns will be transferred to the new axolotl born. To settle in-game, it takes roughly 20 minutes. More tropical fish can be used to accelerate the process.

In Minecraft, what is the Food of Axolotls?

Axolotl is among the new enemies in Minecraft’s Caves & Cliffs. They can now be found in Minecraft and interacted with. These undersea enemies support a player’s underwater exploration. When a player engages in an underwater battle with other hostile monsters, these mobs will also support them. For this reason, a player may need to hunt down and breed several Axolotls in Minecraft. However, only a specific kind of food is consumed by these species.

In Minecraft, what is the Food of Axolotls?

The solution to the frequently asked question “What do Axolotls eat in Minecraft?” is tropical fish. But remember that Axolotls just consume tropical fish. The ocean’s warm biomes are home to these bright fish, who are easily amazed. Unless the fish are spawning, players must stay away from bodies of water. A player can gather them by filling a bucket with water. Fish can be used to feed the axolotls once they have been collected.

Raising Axolotls in Minecraft, in a better way

Raising Axolotls in Minecraft, in a better way

Similar to other animals in the game, axolotls can breed with one another. A player must use the process outlined above to gather two or more tropical fishes in order to breed them. Then locate two Axolotls and give them some tropical fish to eat. When they have the fish, if they are adults, they will breed. Another thing to bear in mind is that an Axolotl baby must grow up for around 20 minutes after it spawns before it can begin to reproduce. These adorable tiny creatures, however, cannot be domesticated like an ocelot.

Where to find Axolotls in Minecraft and how?

Axolotls are cunning creatures! They are aquatic creatures that prey on anything that wades in. They can also reach land, however, they won’t stay there for very long. They can play dead, which is another thing to be aware of. Even if players think they have eliminated one of them, there is a good probability that it is only acting and is actually recovering its health so it may attack the player once again. Sneaky, huh?

They appear in a wide range of colors, but players should be aware that there is only a one in 1200 chance that the blue one will be seen. There will likely be multiple Axolotls present if players see water with blocks above it that is below y: 63. Search for subsurface water to locate them.

They can be captured using buckets, and an interesting detail about them is that they favor eating alive fish over dead ones. They spawn while in Creative mode with summon command and also with an Axolotl Bucket or a Spawn Egg.

How to Tame Axolotls in Minecraft?

Axolotls are not easy to tame in the old-fashioned sense by players. They are not violent toward the user, though. Players can pick them up, place them in the bucket, and relocate them to a pond or a lake. An axolotl can also be threaded up with a lead, but it will die within five minutes in the absence of water. Only when it is thundering or raining, the players can easily avoid this.

How to Tame Axolotls in Minecraft?

Are other mobs attacked by Axolotls?

These endearing creatures are not aggressive toward players, but they will not think again about attacking fears from the sea. They will not touch a dolphin or a turtle, but everything else is fair game; they’ll even fight a drowned.

Are other mobs attacked by Axolotls?

Axolotls have a clever defense mechanism as well: If they sustain harm while submerged, they will imagine to be dead and obtain Regeneration. When an axolotl fights a mob, the player may momentarily acquire the Regeneration status effect.

Getting the Rare Blue Axolotl

Getting the Rare Blue Axolotl

Axolotls in Minecraft are available in the following colors:

  • Wild (brown)
  • Lucy (pink)
  • Cyan
  • Gold
  • Blue

The blue axolotl is by far the least common hue, and it has a 0.083% chance of spawning naturally or through mating with other colors of adults. Players will therefore need a lot of patience and a good deal of luck if they really want a blue axolotl.


It’s easy to find and breed the new passive axolotl in the Minecraft update. It’s unexpected that Axolotls, which are classified as aquatic mobs, can aid players in combat with other aquatic creatures. Many Minecrafters desire to tame and breed Axolotls in the game since they’re adorable and can be utilized as decorations. So be nice to this sneaky beast!


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