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Effective Tips To Increase YouTube Views

There is always one indicator that has been and will continue to be one of the main ones when ranking your videos on YouTube. Although the algorithms used for the promotion of your videos on the platform change frequently, there is always one indicator. The engagement metric is this.

The social network YouTube is. The search engine considers videos to be more appealing the more feedback they receive from viewers in the form of likes, comments, and shares.

Tips To Increase YouTube Views

How many people watch your videos on YouTube?

The engagement metric can be used to measure a project’s potential success. A formula for engagement is based on what the audience does. It is one of the influencer marketing key performance indicators (KPIs) that allows you to evaluate the community’s visibility and dedication to the video content and the channel as a whole.

The equation for ascertaining commitment on YouTube is:

YouTube engagement is calculated as the ratio of the number of YouTube views of the video divided by the number of likes and comments. The social media analytics platform SocialStatus conducts research on a monthly basis and posts the average YouTube engagement rate for the preceding month on its website. You can compare these data to your own results and use them as a guide. The average engagement rate is 0.14 percent as of June 2022.

Keep in mind that you can always order likes, views, and comments to help your channel get more of those things. You can buy custom YouTube comments and likes from real people to increase engagement, but you don’t have to do it all the time.

Methods for Increasing

YouTube Engagement Naturally, the content is the most potent method for Increasing YouTube Engagement:

Likes and comments are directly influenced by the content’s quality. Both will be at a low level if the video is poorly thought out and of low quality.

Engagement with a video is largely determined by its concept. In the comments, disagreements and ambiguities elicit discussion. Ideally, if the content is engaging and sparks lively discussions in the form of likes and comments.

Experimentation is the most important rule when working with engagement! Until you attempt every one of the ways of associating with your crowd, you won’t comprehend which of them is the best.

The first rule is easily followed by the second. Be fake follower check! It is possible to implement even the most contentious concepts. For instance, the practice of saying “now I will shut up for 10 seconds so as not to interfere with your likes” in the middle of a conversation may appear odd, but it is perfectly acceptable on some channels.

Having comments makes things simpler. They are quite challenging to write, in contrast to the likes. Additionally, no one will automatically comment. You need to pique their interest.

The best way to get a response is to ask the audience what they think about a particular topic. During the video, pause and inquire about what you just said to the audience. Better if there is more context. For instance: What do you think of this brand-new iPhone feature? Would you rely on it? In the comments, write about it!”

There are two additional ways to get people to comment:

  • Inspire viewers by informing them that some of their comments—on the video with the most likes, dislikes, random comments, etc.—will be included. Although it may occasionally work on adult channels as well, this strategy is ideal for channels with a child-oriented audience.
  • Set up a contest. One of the best strategies for increasing engagement rates is this. There are numerous variants. a typical competition for the witty comment. It is abundantly clear that the prize must be priceless but valuable. In the subsequent videos, it is also essential to emphasize who was awarded a prize and for what purpose. The subsequent contests will gain credibility as a result.

Moving on to a different important aspect of engagement: Video reposts are the most important metric of all. It gets better the more content users share.

Sadly, almost nothing can be done to limit the number of reposts:

  • high-quality content o build a community on each social network and repost new videos o remind people to repost, but not more (other methods make you appear pushy and only discourage reposting) Tip! The results will improve if you add animation during the editing stage to subscribe, comment, or like the video. Additionally, it would be fantastic if you included a sound of the button being pressed.


  • When ranking your videos, engagement is one of the most important metrics.
  • Prior to writing a script, you should consider this metric.
  • The content is the primary factor that determines final engagement.
  • There are a lot of ways to get people to engage with your content, but finding the best ones for your channel requires a lot of trial and error.
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