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Check Out These Tricks and Tips To Survive On Minecraft Survival Servers!

Survival mode is the traditional game mode of Minecraft, which is still popular among players. It is a game mode that will make you want to keep on going your way even if the challenges and hurdles are arriving on your way. Of course, your player will deal with these challenges, but you can relate such a game mode to your life too. So you must try the Minecraft Servers Survival mode if you want to learn life lessons in an exciting way. If you are a beginner in the Minecraft game’s survival mode, we will make you aware of some tips that can benefit you on your first day.

Survive On Minecraft Survival Servers

The Minecraft game became more popular worldwide when they developed and launched the survival servers. This game keeps on updating its servers to give a taste of change to the fans of the survival mode. Such a game mode can be complex, but these difficulties are needed to help you brainstorm. We’ve talked about tips and tricks to help your player survive on the Minecraft survival servers below.

Game modes-

When you begin your Minecraft gaming journey, you have first to decide the game mode. There are four game modes to choose from: survival, creative, adventure, and hardcore. If you are playing Minecraft Survival, the game mode will be survival.

Difficulty level for game mode-

After choosing the survival mode, you will come across a question on your screen regarding the level of difficulty you want to opt for. The difficulty level will be as follows:

  • Peaceful
  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard

Beginners in Minecraft Survival Mode should choose the easy level to experience the thrill and some challenges along the way. It will also be easy for you to cross this level of difficulty.

Collect woods-

Once you enter the survival mode, you begin your journey by collecting the wood. It is a resource that you can easily access by punching in trees. It will help your player burn and cook on the next journey.

burn and cook


After gathering enough wood, another necessary thing is finding shelter for your player. Your player will have to build it by themselves.

So look around for available resources to use in constructing a shelter for your player to keep him from falling. By following these tricks and tips, your journey will become easy up to an extent in survival mode.

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