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How To Find a Reliable iMovie Alternative for Your PC?

Today, the world is dominated by social media. People are trying to create visually stunning videos, images, and graphics that can leave a lasting impression on all kinds of audiences. Content creators of all ages have to stay active across multiple social media platforms to keep their fanbase entertained. Creating and uploading engaging content on a regular basis cannot be possible without a reliable video editing tool.

Reliable iMovie Alternative for Your PC

When it comes to video editing software, iMovie is undoubtedly one of the best free tools available in the market. It comes pre-installed with every Apple device and runs on macOS or iOS. It is an extremely user-friendly application that offers many creative options for an editor to present an extraordinary output.

Sadly, iMovie is not compatible with Windows and other operating systems. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find people trying to figure out what the iMovie for PC alternative is.

You can look for potential video editing applications online, but it can be a bit of a task to get the same level of functionality and ease of use as iMovie.

Why do you need an alternative for iMovie?

Many experts believe that Apple has intentionally made iMovie exclusive to macOS and iOS as a way to entice more content creators to buy Apple products over other industry alternatives. If this is the case, it is an excellent marketing strategy, as it acts as a USP for Apple computers and tablets.

However, if you aren’t a fan of Apple devices, this might mean that you will either have to learn to love the iOS or macOS, or look for an alternative to iMovie for your PC.

When you search for the same on Google, you will come across many video editing applications that are free of cost. But these free applications are likely to have a limited number of options, editing tools, filters, etc.

What expectation should you have from a decent iMovie alternate application?

Here is a list of features that a good video editing application must have:

  1. You will need tools to crop, merge, rotate, transit, and organize your videos to make your video visually stunning.
  2. Find an application that has more than 50+ filters, backgrounds, royalty-free music, transitions, themes, titles, fonts, stickers, animations, and more.
  3. The application must allow you to create videos in high resolutions and save them in their original quality.
  4. It must not be rigid to save videos on your PC, and also sharing should be flexible and quick.
  5. There should be enough scope for making several changes without disturbing the entire video.
  6. The application should support all kinds of video files, so it’s easy for you to use videos taken via any device.

Apart from these basic features, you should also find advanced features like movie burning, adding 3D, 4D effects, recording in real-time video and adding to your movie, and much more.

Movavi is an acclaimed application, and is the closest it gets to iMovie for PC. You can look for some other video editing applications as well, but make sure that if you are investing in an application, you thoroughly check whether it’s worth it or not. To understand which application is best for editing videos, you could read online blogs and reviews about all available options before you make your decision.

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