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Ways to Unlock Your iPhone X

Many iPhone buyers face the problem of locking because most of the brand-new iPhone are tied to only one carrier. Are you bored with the increasing prices and poor services of your carrier? Then you need to unlock your iPhone. You can easily Unlock an iPhone x by IMEI. It is one of the best and fast way to unlock any iPhone x, iPhone XS and XS Max. You can easily use it abroad without any problem. There is a number of ways to do it which are as follows:

Unlock Your iPhone X

Method 1

The first method was successful in the past with iPhone 3G. There was a loophole in this model and people were able to exploit to change network carriers. Anyway, the Apple company figured it out and hence you cannot unlock your iPhone X with this old technique.

Method 2

The second method can probably kill your mobile phone. It is more of a brute force approach and very few people are able to do this. If anything, go wrong! It can kill your iPhone. Moreover, this approach can also void your warranty. It means the Apple is not responsible for fixing your phone. If you do not want to take a risk with your expensive iPhone x, then you must avoid this approach.

Method 3

This is the latest and successful method to unlock any latest iPhone X. Well, it is the only working method which is unlocking your iPhone by IMEI. It is a unique number, Apple assigned all of its phones to track the device. You can easily find a number of companies that can do this. With this method, you will free of choosing any carrier of your choice. One of the best things, it does not invalidate your warranty. Apple has the database of all IMEI number. Using this method, you can update the status of your phone from locked to unlocked in the database.

How to Choose A Company?

You need to see the following criteria to choose a company:

Can They Unlock

The first important thing you need to know is whether they can unlock it or not. If they cannot, then you waste your time and money.

Range of Services

Another important thing you want is freedom of choice. Sometimes a provider unlocks the hone and then only offers a limited choice of carriers. If you are unlocking your iPhone, then you must have the freedom to choose any carrier. Unlocking does not mean to free from one carrier and then select another poor carrier.

Reasonable Price

The next important thing is to find a service whose price is reasonable. No one wants to pay for more than the cost of the phone.

Payment Methods

Most of the business work online these days. So, the important thing is to know the payment methods. I have faced many issues paying a company using PayPal or credit card. For a smooth process, the payment method should be simple and fast.

Customer Services

The customer services should be good and fast. If you are giving your iPhone, then you will not see it for a long period of time. So, the provider should be responsive to the updates.

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