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Want To Know How to Track IP Address Exact Location

IP Address Tracking has always been featured as an ultimate tool to track IP address exact location in movies. There is always a geek out there punching in the numbers and getting the device’s exact location. In reality, IP tracking may not be that advanced, but it certainly works. IP address tracking is effective if you want to track your travelers, find some suspicious action, and you want to follow it, or you want your web page to load the user’s nation and regard relevant details automatically.

How to Track IP Address Exact Location

How to track an IP address’s exact location?

IP address types can be dynamic; they change with each connection or type, static or fixed. It is also necessary to distinguish between IP addresses (external) (or public), which allow you to identify devices on the Internet, and those that are inside (or private), to identify different devices within a home or office network for the modem/router.

Let’s start this guide by trying to understand how to find your public IP address. Contrary to what you might be thinking, it’s an effortless operation that anyone can do without any difficulty.

Steps to track an IP address exact location:

  • More precisely, it would help if you opened the website IP address. Command to look at the data associated with the displayed page.
  • In correspondence with your IP address is: Your public IP address is indicated.
  • Find the user’s geographic location.
  • At the Gateway, your IP’s ISP: Your Internet Provider
  • There is also a map in the center of the page showing the location of the control unit in which the connection in use is located.
  • In addition to the one in question, there are dozens of similar services available online.
  • After connecting to its main page, you have to wait a few moments. You will be given all the necessary information: Under the heading, its IPv4 address is: Your public IP address will be shown next to the ISP element: Indicates your provider.
  • In the articles city: region: country: instead, you will find the geographical details related to your IP with the attached topographic map.
  • Then by clicking on the button Learn more about this IP located in the center, you can see even more details related to your IP. This company provided the Internet connection and the geographic location of the user.

This post has covered some essential free online IP address locator services that can help you track your IP address’s exact location.

The web service is easy to use. All you have to do is enter an IP address and hit the submit button. It’s handy when you want to track yourself.

Once the request is submitted, it will display a lot of information about the IP. Some of the features available are a nation, region, city, hostname, organization, and ISP. Also, the geographic location is displayed on the map along with the coordinates. You can use these references for your reference, and you can contact the particular ISP for further information about the IP. The service also provides API access for a minimal price; and is an IP tracking service that claims to handle millions of IP discovery requests daily. Their website declared that they give bank-grade security as they utilize 256 bit SSL encryption. They take multiple requests at once to see a massive bunch of IPs all at once.

Like all standard IP tracking services, provides geolocation, time zone, currency, and network details of the viewed IP. It has many variants, in which only location data is being given for free. While in other paid variants, many more features are being offered to start from $ 9.99. However, the free version can handle 10,000 requests per month which are enough for an individual user. is a website that provides a secure and straightforward way to lookup an IP address. It does not breach the privacy of the users and returns the results from their database. It gives the location, area, city, coordinates, etc., of the, searched IP. This Malaysian company also helps users find zip codes, network speeds, and domain names.

It offers to watch 50 IP addresses for free per day, but if you sign up for the demo, the limit increases to 200. The paid version of the app best suited for commercial use ranges from $49 to $1849. 


iLocation is another IP geolocation tracking service that has a lot to offer. iLocation allows you to track IPv6 and even domain names. It displays details like country, region, city, longitude, latitude, hostname and organization. The variety of databases lets you verify each other’s authenticity. Apart from IP tracking, the service delivers other tools such as a subnet calculator, proxy check, and email header lookout.

infoSniper is a commercial Web API geolocation service. In addition to the API, you can access the service for free through their website. It responds with all the general details already covered in this post. Plus, the service offers yearly and monthly unlimited API plans. 150,000 questions can cost you around $40, and a monthly unlimited plan around $85.


This service tracks IP addresses’ exact location with the help of the Maxmind geo data provider. MaxMind is very accurate in the US, and you can check the accuracy level for other countries online.

IPFingerprint provides all the necessary details and coordinates on the map. is a simple IP database that provides information about the searched IP’s city, state, country, currency, zip code, time zone, etc. Its respected clients include Verizon, IKEA, etc. This tracker is a step ahead of other IP databases and tracking tools because it can provide accurate sunrise, sunset, time, and so on from a GPS coordinate or IP.

This tool retains a reaction time of 40 milliseconds which generates the best IP database and tracking API. It is available in many countries like the USA, France, Germany, Australia, India, United Kingdom, Singapore, etc. It handles 1,000 free requests per day, while the paid version starts at $15 per month and goes up to $500 per month.

It comes with some features that other services don’t have, in addition to the usual details like hostname, IP address, and geolocation. It can provide you with a threat level score between 0-255 and the last malicious activity listed.


These were some of the services that can help you to track IP address exact location. Ensure you examine the accuracy level of the geolocation database before depending on the results. Please include any more links to help you track IP addresses in the comments below if you have any more connections.

However, if you want to browse without exposing your actual IP address, you can use a free proxy or VPN software.

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