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Unusual Objects Created Thanks To 3D Printers

Unusual Objects Created Thanks To 3D Printers3D printing is the future of many industries. Today you can admire the amazing works of engineers from around the world who create unique items thanks to 3D printers. Here are 5 examples of the use of these unusual devices.

  1. Printing dentures

Thanks to the laser sintering printer it is possible to create dentures that can replace amputated limbs. Perhaps high-end prostheses, enabling the normal functioning of disabled people, will become a fact. Today, dentures are expensive, but 3D printing can significantly reduce their price and increase their availability for the less affluent.

  1. “Sewing” clothing

Using slings nylon, you can create clothing that will be useful for the inhabitants of the poorest regions of the world. Clothes from 3D printers are for now a distant future, however, the first projects that can change life in third world countries are already appearing.

  1. Food production

Food from a 3D printer? Why not! Thanks to the laser sintering printer, you can prepare a tasty meal. At home we will certainly continue to cook dishes in a traditional way, however meals from a 3D printer will be useful, inter alia, for space stations, where access to food is limited. It is possible that 3D printing will also help to cope with the problem of hunger in the world, resulting from overpopulation in poor and developing countries. In addition, meals prepared in the printer can facilitate the colonization of various planets, which makes the technology interesting for NASA and other space agencies.

  1. Repairs on spacecraft

Spacecraft are built of many parts that are created specifically for a given rocket or station. If a failure occurs in space, it is difficult to replace an element. To facilitate the work of astronauts and provide them with a higher level of security, you can use 3D printers. Loading the right project will allow you to quickly manufacture a spare part and make a repair without the need to return to Earth.

  1. Printing of organs

The fight against many diseases is still uneven, and medicine has not yet found a way to treat organs damaged by cancer and chronic illnesses. 3D printing, however, gives hope to many patients who have been condemned to lose with the disease so far. Already today attempts are being made to create human organs that can be used to test different therapies, and even transplanted. Perhaps it will allow a long and happy life for people who are currently waiting for many months for organ transplants from a deceased donor.

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