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Guide On Top Solar Generator Kit Of 2018

Guide On Top Solar Generator Kit Of 2018The solar generator is very useful for homes and other projects as they help you save energy and use solar energy to perform various tasks. By converting solar energy into electricity you are able to run electrical devices. Thus, having a solar generator in-house can help you maintain electricity bills as well as makes better use of Mother Nature. If you also thinking to by solar generator kit then it will be good to go through this article as it contains a guide on the solar generator. Here we have mentioned the top three models of the solar generator which you can buy easily from

Before jumping on to the models of solar generator here we have explained why they are important-

  • Solar generators are quiet, clean as well as capture unlimited solar energy.
  • One can run it outdoors or indoors and make use.
  • Can be useful while you go on camping trips, picnic or power outage.

The best solar generator of 2018-

Renogy solar starter kit-

This is budget friendly as well as an expandable solar generator. It acts as a generator or as a solar installation in the house. It is loved by customers because of the high-quality gear package it offers. This generator can be used in RV or for the house back up in an emergency.


  • Entire basic parts included in this kit to get it started.
  • No dedicated battery is needed to charge it, so you can choose any battery
  • The solar panel is not amorphous but monocrystalline
  • Offers High amount of power generation even in harsh weather

Renogy phoenix-

This kit also offers huge expansion potential and it excels at containment. It is all in 1 solar kit with two solar panels, a battery, and a charge controller. No extra supplies or division is needed to get it started, thus you can set it up easily. You can use it in camping trips as well as for a backup system. Also, the price is convenient so one can easily buy it.


  • The solar generator kit is highly portable with its 3.9” x 16.1” x 13.8”design.
  • The weight kit is 12 pounds and it is easy to carry it.
  • It is versatile and can switch between DC and AC power output.
  • Charges quickly as compared to other solar kits

Goal zero ytei 400-

The solar generator is a yeti system from the goal zero. It is much more portable than the firefly and can create wattage in small packages. It is expandable, versatile as well as can run the home appliances like the tech gadgets.


  • Highly portable
  • Can be charged with car socket or wall outlet
  • Portable battery system available
  • Easy to handle and carry

So, did you understand the features of three models and its benefits? If yes, then buy it from Here, you will get to see the prices as well as detailed features of the products. Hurry up and buy it now!

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