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The Influence Of Technology In The Horse Racing Industry

Horse racing has been around for well over a century and it’s a sport that has grown rapidly in popularity over the years too. It’s a multi-billion-pound industry, with thoroughbred wagering in Australia alone worth in excess of $18 billion in 2016/17; but for it to have grown as it has, it’s had to move with the times so to speak. Technology is another thing that has been developing over the years and the horse racing industry is incorporating more of it every year.

Influence Of Technology In The Horse Racing Industry

Technology is having a huge impact on the horse racing industry in various ways. One of the first pieces of technology to be aware of is the use of robots. Robotic technology can be used in various ways such as being able to safely lift a horse, spreading its weight evenly so not to cause injury. There’s also the superb Equimagine robot too, which can produce a full body scan of a horse in just 90 seconds in both 3D and 4D while the horse is on its feet and awake.

If, for example, you do a scan and find that the horse needs a cast due to an injury, you can get one created via a 3D printer quicker than more traditional methods. They not only speed up the whole process but other things such as splints and even prosthetics can be created for horses on 3D scanners. Could we now be entering an era where a broken leg is no longer a death sentence for a horse thanks to technology?

The route to success for many people is through knowing as much as possible about as many things as possible. This can range from information on track conditions right through to everything you could wish to know about a horse. This information and data can then be analysed to help improve performance. A combination of sensors and wearable technology make all this possible. Sensors are being used more than ever before, especially in the saddle, to track a horse’s health and performance and that of the jockey too.

Apps play a huge role in the horse racing industry nowadays too, in various ways. There are apps that can help with horse care which allow in-depth records to be kept in relation to the horse’s medical history for example. There are also apps that are designed purely for horse racing fans that provide them with the latest goings on from the industry, race cards, form, tips and much more. They say there’s an app for everything these days, and where the horse racing is concerned, it’s true. Just take a look at Unibet horse racing app to experience an example of the perfect app for racing fans. You can even calculate your bet winnings very easily using this free bet calculator.

If the industry is to continue growing at it’s impressive rate, it must keep harnessing the latest technology as it allows the industry to really flourish. Technology has proven itself capable of making everything to do with horse racing a lot easier and more efficient, and in many cases more enjoyable for those who are simply fans of the sport.

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