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8 Important Kitchen Accessories You Can’t Live Without

With the right combination of equipment, tools, and accessories, cooking becomes easier and faster. Whether you are cooking for a large family or for two, the right tools and accessories help you create the perfect meal. Nowadays people have extremely busy lives and spend less time in the kitchen. They require kitchen accessories that save time as well as make cooking faster and easier. Advance in technology has come in handy to meet the needs of people and provide an array of kitchen accessories that make cooking fun and easier and save space.

8 Important Kitchen Accessories You Can't Live Without

Below are eight important kitchen accessories that you can’t live without.

1. Kitchen Appliances

You cannot live without kitchen appliances such as blenders, mixers, graters, and toasters because they make kitchen life easier for you. You can use a blender to make smoothies, mix drinks, soups, and sauces quickly and easily. Apart from shredding cheese, you can use a grater to zest citrus fruits and shred vegetables such as potatoes. You can consider the space-saving toaster that can be attached to the wall and thus saving you space. You can purchase kitchen appliances on and enjoy massive discounts.

2. Oven Mitt and Kitchen Towel

These important accessories are often overlooked in the kitchen. It is important to protect your hands in the kitchen to avoid injuries and accidents. The two most common injuries in the kitchen are burns and cuts. Take caution when using your knife; a sharp knife will prevent you from cutting yourself or injure you when handled inappropriately. Burns are prominent in the kitchen especially when pulling food from the oven and handling hot cookware. Ensure you protect your hands using an oven mitt when getting food from the oven. Use a kitchen towel to protect your hands when handling a hot pan.

3. Cutting boards

Almost every dish requires some cutting and chopping making a cutting board an essential accessory in the kitchen. There are numerous types of cutting boards in the market made for cutting meat, vegetables, fruits, etc. You can buy several cutting boards to save time washing a cutting board every time you want to cut something different. It is advisable to buy two cutting boards, one for raw proteins and the other for cooked food to avoid cross-contamination while cooking. Cutting boards come in different colors and shapes to add an aspect of fun and life in the kitchen. While plastic cutting boards are inexpensive and available, wooden ones are more sanitary. Purchase a cutting board that is dishwasher safe and durable.

4. Quality Knife Set

You cannot live without knives in the kitchen because they have an array of uses. They help in chopping, slicing, and dicing. In addition, knives mince fresh garlic and herbs as well as cut meat. Knives should be sharp and high quality to perform their functions properly. You can opt for a chef knife that is versatile and you can chop, slice, cut, and mince without changing tools. When slicing small items such as garlic cloves, you can use a paring knife instead of a chef’s knife.

5. Under cabinet lights

Imagine preparing food in a dim lit kitchen at night. You strain to see your ingredients and other tools in the kitchen, which may cause injury. Poor lighting in the kitchen is frustrating and causes eyesight problems. Adding under cabinet lights to your kitchen brightens the countertops and gives you a good sight when preparing and cooking food. You don’t have to bend over to see what you are preparing. Intense bending not only causes eyesight disorders but also strains your back.

6. Programmable Slow Cooker

If you have a busy lifestyle and you still want to enjoy a home cooked meal, a slow cooker is a must-have. With this accessory, you can cook soups, stews, and casseroles virtually. Nowadays people are very busy taking care of work-related and personal issues and cooking has become a luxury. A programmable slow cooker is a useful accessory in the modern lifestyle because you put all the ingredients in the cooking pot and let it do the cooking; the outcome will be a perfect meal. You can prepare all the ingredients you need for your dinner in the morning before leaving for work put them in the slow cooker, go to work and in the evening, you will get a hot and ready meal. Purchase a slow cooker that is the right size for your family.

7. Measuring cups and spoons

Whether you want to measure a teaspoon of sugar or a tablespoon of salt, measuring tools come in handy. If you are following a recipe and you do not have measuring equipment, how will you ensure you are putting enough of ingredient X and Y? Therefore, measuring cups and spoons are vital when following any recipe. A food scale can be used be used to complement measuring cups and spoons. You can use a food scale to measure baking ingredients and meal portions.

8. Wine and can openers

Wine and can openers are often overlooked and you only notice you need them when you are in need. At times, we desire canned food or prefer it because it is time and energy saving. Only a few things are more frustrating than reaching for a can of pumpkin, beans, or coconut milk only to realize you do not have a means to open it. A wine opener can save a date and save you the embarrassment of inviting friends for some drinks only to find you do not have an opener. There’s no need to stock up wine in the house without a wine opener.

Like any good workplace, a kitchen needs tools, equipment, and accessories. Long gone are the days when you only required sharpened rocks, sticks and fire to prepare a meal. Today, you need so much more and technology has led to the invention of numerous cooking tools and accessories to enhance the cooking experience. To make your kitchen an enjoyable place to work, ensure you endow it with vital kitchen accessories. In addition, make sure your kitchen is clean to create a favorable place to make meals.

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