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Transform Your Shelves With Bookshelf Speakers

There are such a large array of speakers nowadays from subwoofers to soundbars but everyone always forgets about bookshelf speakers. These speakers can add a great new dynamic to your household sound system. Versatile and loud they are ideal for any shelf in your house.

What are bookshelf speakers?

These speakers typically have two speaker drivers: tweeters and woofers. Woofers for bass sounds and tweeters for higher frequencies. They are speakers work best in bookshelves or on top of surfaces like tables. Their design makes them excel when elevated in places like this and improve sound quality massively in small to medium-sized rooms.

Popular uses for bookshelf speakers

Record Players: If you have ever been googling cool record player setups then you will have definitely seen bookshelf speakers used in these setups. Whilst bookshelf speakers are functionally great and sound good when hooked up to record players, it is the aesthetic that the two combined gives which is why people often combine them.

Home Studios: Bookshelf speakers are ideal to us in a home studio setup whether that be for recording music or as part of a gaming system due to their compact nature. They are simple to fit into small spaces and pack a punch, just pop a shelf up and blast away.

Home Theatres: Again, Bookshelf speakers are great for Home Theatres due to their compact nature and ability to slot into any room and environment. This versatility extends further as many bookshelf speakers can actually be used as part of a multi-room speaker setup, allowing them to be used for surround sound systems for perfect movie theatre setups.

How should you position your bookshelf speakers?

The positioning of your speakers will make all the difference to the sound quality you get from them, check out below some top tips to help aid sound quality.

Clock hands

Placing your speakers at 10 oclock and 2 oclock angles gives the most optimal positioning of the speakers for quality sound.


Whilst bookshelf speakers are used to being in compact and tight areas, they do need some space to operate without any rumbling or rustling, make sure you give them that extra bit of space for best results.


The music blogging team at Upbeat Geek really care about music and we know that there is nothing worse than your music being ruined by distorted or muffled sounds due to vibrations. To prevent any issues with vibrations you’ll want to be sure that your speakers are on a level surface or else look at using decoupling pads to prevent excessive vibrating.

Organising your shelves with speakers in mind

When it comes to bookshelf speakers, asides from the speaker, the other thing to think about is of course the shelving. Below are some handy tips to organise your shelves perfectly for your speaker to excel.

  1. Start From Scratch
  2. Create Backdrops On Shelves
  3. Use Smaller Items
  4. Organise By Colour
  5. Avoid Clutter, Focus On The Showstopper

A quirky and compact addition

Bookshelf speakers are quirky and compact offering a great speaker alternative for smaller spaces whilst still packing a punch. Once you have nailed that shelving decor, all you need to do is slot in your bookshelf speaker and you will be mesmerising your house guests.

Raj Hirvate
Raj Hirvate
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