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Top Web Series You Should Watch

Oh, how I would love to go out, buy a ticket to a movie I like, sit for 2 odd hours and come out completely thrilled, unfortunately, the world has now reached a new coro-normal time. But entertainment is still on!!

With the help of the internet and immensely talented directors, thankfully there is no shortage of things to watch. And now the problem is what to watch. Where to watch?

Top Web Series

In the article, we have listed the best web series on Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and many other platforms. These include the most popular web series as well as the good web series, which are not yet popular.

If you have searched for the best web series to watch and you have landed on this page, be assured that these web series are going to be a good watch. Here is the list of the best web series to watch.

Top Web Series You Should Watch

This compilation is going to be of both the latest and best-performing web series based on their reviews and various other factors.

1- Miraculous Ladybug Season 5:

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir is the cutest show I have seen in a long time. Produced by both French and Korean animation companies, Miraculous is a wonderful example of the magic that happens when people around the world work together. The concept seems simple at first glance.

Miraculous Ladybug Season 5

The show focuses on the stories of Marinette, a half-French, half Chinese teenager, and her crush Adrien, a young French supermodel whose powerful father is distant at best. When danger strikes, Marinette becomes Ladybug and Adrien turns into Cat Noir, superheroes armed with miraculous items that give them the power needed to fight the forces of evil sent against them by a mysterious man named Hawkmoth. Marinette is in love with Adrien, and Cat Noir is enamored with Ladybug. If only they realized that the person they loved returned the feeling!

The wonderful thing about this mutual, mixed-up love is because Ladybug and Cat Noir don’t know each other’s civilian identities, this pairing of one boy and one girl has actually broken off into four different couples with four shipping names: Ladrien, Marichat, Adrienette, and my favorite, LadyNoir (shipping = fans publicly declaring that they want a certain couple to get together).

It’s great to see their interactions with each other in all their different combinations, with Ladybug groaning at Cat Noir’s puns while Marinette gets all moony-eyed at the very mention of Adrien’s name. There’s enough substance in their relationship(s) that I’m confident the show can continue on for quite some time and keep its adorable, fun-loving wit. Apparently, the producers think so too, since Miraculous already has two more seasons scheduled!

2- TVF Pitchers:

TVF Pitchers

The best web series by far on TVF Play. With a 9.1 IMDb, this web series is a must-watch for all. Revolving around a startup and how a group of 4 entrepreneurs battle their way in this cruel world, TVF Pitchers grips you to the end.

The 4 entrepreneurs, to get their company started, face every goddamn problem ever. With comedy, heartbreak, and kickass monologues, this amazing and popular web series brings a gem to the entertainment industry.

3- The Boys:

The Boys

Don’t we all love superheroes? How do they bring about justice and peace? But what if these heroes are the actual villains? Embark on a journey of this dystopian fiction, which revolves around how superheroes are the worst kind of plague humankind has to get rid of, and challenging them are a bunch of nobodies, The Boys.

A mix of comedy, action, love, drama, and an Australian accent (oh I love that), this web series is streaming on Amazon Prime and is really a must-watch. The best part about this web series is the uniqueness it brings to the entertainment industry. Do watch!

4- Sacred Games:

Sacred Games

The first Netflix original series in India and one of the best web series on Netflix. Starring prominent actors, it’s one of the best thriller web series that the Indian entertainment industry has to offer. It revolves around an unsuccessful cop, who receives an anonymous tip about a criminal overlord Gaitonde.

While trying to find this gangster, he uncovers what would be the greatest threat Mumbai city has ever faced. The story is told from different perspectives but mainly revolves around the antagonist Gaitonde. I bet you cannot put it down once you pick it up.

Gripping till the very end, this popular web series has wonderful performance, great screenplay, and a nail-biting storyline.

5- The Marvelous Mrs Maisel:

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

This is a very good web series for all those people who want to do something they love. Leaving all the comfort in her life a lady steps out to explore her hidden talent of doing standup comedy. Streaming on Amazon Prime, the Marvelous Mrs Maisel is one of the best web series to watch on the internet.

6- Bodyguard:


No, Not Sallu Bhai. This is a British web series streaming on Netflix and is one of the best web series on the internet to watch. Action-packed from the first episode, it revolves around a Bodyguard who, despite being very diligent and good at his job, is set up by some very naughty people who want to get away with what they did. He has to use all he has learned and not give up to come out of this one alive.

7- Narcos:


While Extraction may have hypothetical drug lords involved, it doesn’t shed light on what an actual drug lord mafia can do. On the contrary, Narcos is based on the true story of Pablo Escobar, a drug kingpin who ruled almost all of Colombia and its drug market. Following his life story, this good web series showcases the rise and fall of the biggest drug lord the world has ever seen and the aftermath it had on Colombia.

The amazing web series also shows how it took one man to establish the biggest drug cartel and the drug empire’s fall after the death of Pablo. With a great screenplay and wonderful cinematography, Narcos is one the best-rated and amongst the top web series on Netflix.

This was all about some of the top web series you should watch whenever you get time.


Are you someone who thinks that no good web series is being developed? If yes, then this post has some of the best web series suggestions that you should watch. Most of them are the latest along with that you also get a few web series released earlier.


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