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Top Snacks That You Should Try

People are becoming more and more health conscious, it has been noticed that previously they were just being choosy around the food items they eat. But recently they have started picking up top snacks on the basis of their health, and the filtering process that they use for picking up snacks has been extremely complex.

top snacks

Here in this post, we are going to have a look at some of the top snacks that you should get for yourself.

If you are looking for the healthiest snacks that are tasty as well, then this post is for you.

Top snacks that you should try

Trying out a number of snacks just to find the right option for yourself, is going to be a challenging task.

But, we are going to help you out in this case. Let us have a look at the list of snacks we picked for you:

1- Feastables:


Feastables is an American chocolate bar company that sells its natural, high-quality Featables MrBeast chocolate bars to customers across the US.

This fun, irreverent brand has over 65k followers on Instagram, where they connect with chocolate fans through their promotions and prizes (and some silly memes, of course).

Our Feastables review will give you a look at this brand’s buying highlights, company info, and their best-selling products, so you can decide if you’d like to feast on their snacks, too.

This American company offers several products, such as their Original Chocolate, Quinoa Crunch, Almond Chocolate, all of which feature natural and plant-derived ingredients. All of Feastables products feature real cane sugar and organic cocoa ingredients for a genuine chocolate taste.

The brand has also become known for its huge prize giveaways, a hallmark of the MrBeast channel. Every time you buy a bar of MrBeast chocolate, you’ll get a code you can enter into the Feastables website. Your code will let you spin a prize wheel and potentially win an instant prize, like Beats by Dre headphones or cash.

Your ticket also comes with an entry into the grand prize draw. There, you can also win one of the brand’s major prizes, like Sea Doos, a lifetime of Feastable chocolate, or a Tesla Model 3. Feastable’s major prize at the moment is competing in a MrBeast video to win a whole chocolate factory!

2- Ritz Crackers:

Ritz Crackers

It’s hard to override Ritz as the snack food king of kings. Around since the 1930s, Ritz is a ubiquitous name brand, a delicacy on its own, but also known for perfectly complimenting other delicacies, making it both an essential and adaptable snack food.

The name ‘Ritz’ was meant to appeal to those without means during the Great Depression who wanted a ‘bite of the good life,’ and millions of people took them up on it. Ritz soon became one of the most powerful fast-food companies in the US, and it’s hard to dispute the name.

Ritz is a perfect cracker, as perfect as Coca-Cola is to a soft drink, with a rich, buttery texture that works with just about anything you stick on top of it. At some point, Ritz decided that allowing customers to fill their own crackers with whatever they wanted simply wasn’t good enough.

So they branched out with a line of cheese and peanut butter-filled crackers, which turned out to be one of the greatest ideas anybody has ever had. Now, it’s hard to argue that any car ride is ever considered complete without a little sack of these goodies stashed somewhere for passengers to munch on.

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3- M&Ms:


M&M’s have created such a wide-ranging multiverse out of their brand that you could fill a whole city with its confectionery variations – which is part of what makes M&M’s so fun to begin with.

Sure, there are purists who claim the original chocolate M&M’s are the best, but many people point to peanut, almond, peanut butter, mint, or even orange vanilla creme and crunchy raspberry as their favorites. To be clear – Mars & Murrie, the M&M’s namesake, have been throwing every concoction and flavor combination at the wall for decades to see what sticks, and sometimes it doesn’t even seem to matter, since the pure fun of releasing a new flavor into the wild seems to be their primary MO.

Basically, any flavor of these little sugar-coated monsters you could have wished for has probably existed at some point or another. There are currently 24 different M&M flavors available throughout the US. Europhiles might argue that M&M’s are merely Smarties knock-offs, and they wouldn’t be wrong. Mars and Murrie were partially inspired by the Smarties brand but set about improving in the flavor and size departments.

They originally came in cardboard tubes when they were first distributed among soldiers during World War II. This closely resembled the Smarties packaging, but eventually, it was decided that cardboard tubes weren’t fun enough – nor held enough candy, so packets and large boxes came next.

4- Doritos:


It’s just really hard to imagine a world without Doritos. These crispy little tortilla triangles can be found all over, and in some corners, people must be under the impression that the streets of America are paved with them.

As with many of these snack brands, there is competition among admirers for the best flavor profile, and there you fall into one of two categories: those who prefer traditional flavors and those who enjoy the flavor-blasted variations.

It doesn’t really matter, though, since they’re all amazing, but some might argue that the good people behind the Doritos brand went a little too over the top with the colossal strangeness of Anchovy Garlic Doritos and Doritos Clam Chowder.

However, a round of applause is necessary here, considering these flavors were even concocted and released at all. Interestingly, Doritos began in the 1950s at Disneyland, when a marketing VP Arch West visited the park on vacation and saw a Tex Mex restaurant, Frito Lays Casa de Fritos, in action. He realized that people weren’t only coming for the food, but for the chips – namely, rejected tortillas that were deep-fried and turned into chips on the spot rather than discarded.

West had an epiphany when visiting the restaurant and came up with a marketing plan of his own to mass-produce these ‘tortilla chips, which eventually became Doritos, and helped to launch the brand we all know and love today. Mr. West was then ultimately notable for having Doritos sprinkled on his grave after he passed away. R.I.C. Mr. West – Rest in cheese.


If you are looking for the best American snacks that are healthy and you can get them anytime you want, then we have shared the top 4 snacks that you should choose from.


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