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How Technology Has Changed the Entertainment Industry

Entertainment is a huge part of our culture and history because it is one of the major indicators of civilization’s progress: if people can afford to allocate resources and time just to have fun and get quality entertainment, they are probably doing alright. As civilization and its technologies evolve, so do the ways people have fun. Nowadays, entertainment has become more diverse and accessible than ever before, and we are going to look closer at how exactly technology impacts our society and the way people spend their free time.


Does anyone watch it still? Well, people do watch TV, but their percentage has been dwindling steadily since the introduction of streaming services like Netflix. Why pay for TV and watch what the broadcasters tell you when you could watch whatever you want anytime you want. That is why online streaming has become immensely popular among the younger population. We love to binge-watch our favorite series and do it whenever we want, instead of waiting for it to be broadcasted on TV along with tons of ads and redundant stuff.


Streaming platforms allow you to choose what you want to watch at any given time, they do not contain any advertisement, and they give you your favorite movies and series in the best possible definition. This is what freedom feels like – binging The Office all night long.


If there ever was an industry that heavily depends on technological progress, it is gaming. If you are a gamer, you surely know the difference between what games looked like 20 or 10 years ago and what they look like now. This also touches the gambling industry as casino owners invest tons of money into making their games stand out and attract the players. You may look review on any new Microgaming casino, like Jackpot City, Casino Land, or Spin Palace, as an example, these guys surely know how to use modern technology the right way.


If you ever played casino games, from Microgaming or any other company, you could tell modern games are unrivaled in terms of quality, and they have the best graphics ever. Classic video games have been through a huge development stage over recent years as well, and now most people treat video games seriously. While some people would still say that video games are for kids, we know that some games have amazing plots, awesome characters, incredible action, and stunning graphics giving us true art masterpieces.


Can you imagine people had to buy those ridiculous vinyl players and those huge disks to listen to just a couple of songs? Well, that is how it was just a couple of decades ago. Luckily, now we have all the good stuff like Spotify and other music streaming platforms where you can listen to almost any song ever recorded in high quality on your smartphone. Apart from making it easier for us to enjoy music, technology also makes it much easier to create music, especially for those people who have neither talent nor skill. You can autotune your voice so it would sound better, and you can create music using regular laptops and nothing else. Basically, the music has become more accessible for the creators as well as for the audiences, so you can either make your own music or listen to what other people have to offer without any limitations.


Movies still remain one of the leading and most profitable types of entertainment though being pushed by the video games. Modern movies erase the line between reality and fantasy, thanks to the Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI). Can you imagine what Avengers Endgame would look like if the movie was shot 20 years ago? Alright, it might still have been a decent movie, but it would be nowhere near the scale and sheer epicenes of the movie we saw last year.


The technologies make it possible for the moviemakers to create and show us things we would not even imagine being real and shock the audience with unbelievable visuals. Of course, the eye candies are not everything, and sometimes a good-looking movie flops because of being completely empty. We hope to see more movies that not only look good but also have something exciting to tell us.

Mobile Entertainment

Mobile devices have become extremely popular, and now you can use your smartphone to access the Internet with its limitless information database, watch films, play any game, and communicate with people across huge distances. All of that is possible, thanks to the development of mobile technologies. Modern phones are more powerful than the huge computers of the recent past, so we can imagine them becoming even more powerful in the future.

Mobile Entertainment

Having a device that can give you literally any kind of entertainment in your pocket is kind of revolutionary. If you imagine smartphones becoming even more powerful and equal to the most powerful computers, who knows what crazy abilities they might provide us with.

Wrap Up

Technological progress surely does impact our society in a variety of ways, both positive and negative. What is certain is that we get more and more opportunities to have fun with all the weird and futuristic devices we have right now. Sometimes, it is hard to even imagine what people of the past were doing when they had nothing to do. Did they just stare at the wall for a couple of hours? Did they watch their nails grow? Must’ve been crazy times back then. Luckily, we have Netflix, smartphones, computers, Play Station, and whatnot, so let us enjoy all the perks of living in modern society!

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