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Top Favorite Mobile Apps For Horse Lovers

Technology has developed to such an extent that horse owners now have more access to horse care information. Information technology is advancing at a rapid pace and this has house horse lovers in multiple ways. There are many wonderful tools in the digital market that have left all of us with surprise.

Given the importance of horse maintenance, owners must consider all the potential aspects in order to keep them in their optimal condition. Nevertheless, here are some smartphone applications that can be accessed by all horse lovers to maintain their integrity:

Mobile Apps For Horse Lovers

    1. EQ stable

This is a detailed horse recordkeeping system featuring an organized calendar to store all the important horse appointments. It even lets you track ride history including the horse breeds and route taken. Specific details of the horse can be stored to track all the important aspects of health management. Health records and appointments can be tracked easily which makes schedule management a much easier task. It has a user-friendly interface which makes it one of the most desirable applications for horse lovers.

  1. Health horse app

If you are worried about the well-being of your horse, then this is the perfect application. One of the important questions every house owner has is about its weight. This application will take into account height of the horse, girth, length and its breed to determine the weight. It is important to know your horse’s weight in order for an effective feeding and medication dosing. It is an easy to use application.

  1. Pocket stable

If you are looking forward to a simple way to keep track of horse health records then this is the right application to download. It is an easy to use smartphone application that enables you to store essential records and dates like vaccination records and even the birthday. It is one of the most preferable applications on the iOS however there is a nominal cost of $2 that must be paid in order to completely access it.

  1. Horse Anatomy

This is one of the best applications for horse lovers. Equine body workers can utilize this application as a reference and a visual guide to show their clients about specific muscle groups or soft tissue references. It provides the user an entire 3D visual of deep and superficial soft tissue layers of muscles, bones, ligaments and other organs with label to make it easy to read. In order to make the experience more interactive, horse can be rotated.

  1. Horse trail app

If you are one of them who loves to explore the countryside, then this application a new experience to get out to those new trails to ride. Database is expanding on regular basis as users keep on updating information. Trail listing includes a number of features like directions, list of amenities available for the rider and the horse and an option to upload pictures. You can even coordinate with your friend during the journey using this application.

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