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Top Essential Tools to Play Online

Multiplayer online gaming is a blast, but it’s even more fun if everything runs smoothly. Ideally, online gaming will offer a way to share good times, make new friends, and a few wins while doing it, as well as being safe from hackers looking to steal your identity. Here we share some additional tools that can dramatically enhance your digital gaming experience.

Top Essential Tools to Play Online

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Our Top Picks

Discord Game Chat Client

Online multiplayer video games aren’t much fun if you can’t enjoy the gameplay with your friends, yell at your competitors or join a private server with gamers like yourself. This is exactly what Discord was designed to do. Discord is, far and wide, one of the best top chat clients on the market. It is an excellent first pick to download once you begin gaming online.

You can enter chat servers created for your favorite games, make your own servers, make conversation with crystal-clear audio chat, and even sell a few products on the platform. One of the most significant benefits? It’s also free for life, so consider downloading it today.

A Virtual Private Network

There are a myriad of reasons why you should be gaming with a virtual private network if you play online games. Still, the biggest one is, naturally, the security of your personal online information. A virtual private network sends all your data through an encrypted tunnel, helping to keep it secure from hacking and identity theft that may exploit your financial information, personal information, and even your gaming assets, including things like virtual coins, in-game weapons, and any special characters you may have unlocked.

Additionally, virtual private networks have been demonstrated to assist in reducing ping, which will offer you smoother gameplay. This is because your internet traffic is typically passed through more well-managed and better-distributed servers in contrast to what you may be using through an open internet connection. Furthermore, gaming with a virtual private network blocks data, hogging applications from eating up your internet bandwidth and affecting your ping rates.

A Virtual Private Network

Online Video Game Accessories

You will never be able to fully enjoy online gaming if you don’t invest in a few essential gaming accessories for every gaming platform that you intend to use. For multiplayer games with digital chat and a lot of action, a simple keyboard won’t let you keep up with both the gameplay and chat simultaneously. At a bare minimum, you should consider purchasing a pair of headphones designed for gaming, a mechanical keyboard that has individual keys, or else a gaming pad. You can also add a webcam for a face-to-face chat.

A few games may also require you to invest in more accessories. For instance, buying a decent SIM wheel and chair will dramatically upgrade your racing or trucking gaming experience. Sports sims may need you to purchase a joystick or gamepad rather than working with a traditional keyboard and mouse setup. 

Modification Tools

There are various modification tools and websites that you can use to download and install your modifications into games that you’ve already purchased. Modifications add extra features, gaming assets like weapons, arenas, and other elements that aren’t included with the original game. Some examples of common online modification sites and tools include Curse Mods and Nexus modifications manager, as well as a few other options.  

Recording Tools for Online Gaming

If you like to game on your personal computer, then you might find it helpful to record your gameplay so you can use it down the line. There is a whole industry devoted to incredible online gaming footage on the internet, which means you can even earn some cash while having fun playing your game. If Windows 10’s Xbox game bar isn’t hacking it for you, then you can download something like MSI afterburner or a program like Movavi’s screen recorder, among others.

Recording and streaming online gaming is one of the most popular new trends in the video game industry right now. If you feel confident enough in your video game-playing abilities, then you could even be able to make a career for yourself out of this industry and make a decent income doing it. 

Using a Digital Cloud Service

Online cloud services have penetrated the video game industry and have completely and permanently changed online gaming. If we are judging based on current trends, it looks pretty clear that the future of the video game industry is in online cloud services. Game developers and players alike have plenty that they can gain from cloud solutions designed for gamers, including platforms like CloudSigma.

This platform enables gamers to enjoy a smooth gaming experience on low-level hardware that offers the highest degree of security and reliability with their service. Game developers can use the wide-ranging capabilities the platform provides to launch massively multiplayer online games with incredible convenience. Gamers, by contrast, will be able to access their favorite games at any time they want, regardless of where they are in the world.

Using a Digital Cloud Service

There is a myriad of benefits to launching your digital cloud solutions with a localized cloud service like CloudSigma. You will receive the highest availability, best performance, and support from customer service representatives, as well as local solutions and plenty more.  CloudSigma offers businesses, SaaS merchants, and solo developers the most robust performance of any cloud platform on the market today, but at a fraction of the price typically spent by companies on offshore cloud services.


Hopefully, one of these tools will be helpful to you when it comes to upgrading your online gaming experience. The best way to ensure you’re able to have a good time is by optimizing your performance, as well as using tools that help make the entire experience more social—including chat tools and things like headsets and webcams to let you talk to your friends voice-to-voice or face-to-face while you play.

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