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Top 5 Scaremongering Vaping Stories Busted

Every individual has their own opinions about vaping. And, it’s absolutely fine until and unless one cooks up some strange stories about vapes and spreads out the same that slowly and steadily becomes no less than a universal truth.

Top 5 Scaremongering Vaping Stories Busted

We do not recommend vaping day and night, but at the same time, we also do not want people to fall into the trap of false claims.

So here in this guide, we are going to debunk the top myths about vaping:

Dessert flavored e-juices make you fat

A few vapers panic about using strawberry, cherry, and similar vape juices, having a myth in mind that it can make them fat. But one needs to know that these dessert flavored e-juices are not made by shoving and blending the sweet ingredients.

Instead, it’s just propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and nicotine with some added flavors, so it’s not going to make you fat in any way.

E-cigarettes are explosive

Some people consider that e-cigarettes are no less than explosives. All those who believe this should know that e-cigarettes use lithium batteries that are the same used in your mobiles and cell phones.

So if you think that e-cigarettes can explode, then your mobile phones also have the same risk of explosion. One needs to understand that the batteries are designed such that it does not pose any potential threats to the consumers, but it should always be treated with proper care to ensure the safety of the users.

E-juices can cause the stain

A few vapers believe that vaping coffee and chocolate-flavored e-juices can stain their teeth and can transform their white sparkling teeth into brown ones. Then it is quite probable that strawberries can cause pink and mint can cause green-colored teeth.

There is no such proof for people to believe in such stories. But still, if you are particular about the discoloration factors, you can consider using a clear ejuice UK.

Vaping harms lungs

Vaping in excess can cause a sore throat but does not harm your lungs in any way. And if by chance, you feel that it is causing any kind of discomfort, then you can consider switching on to a different e-juice.

On the contrary, staying hydrated and limiting yourself to the amount of vape inhalation per day can further intensify your vaping experience. Also, ensure that your vaping device does not tend to overheat or may cause harsh hits.

Vaping pumps in water inside the lungs

Few people believe that their lungs can be filled with water if they tend to consume e-liquids for long. But in reality, when you intake the e-liquids, it enters the lungs in the form of a gas, and thus a part of it gets absorbed, and a part of it gets expelled when one breathes out.

Further, the absorbed quantity of water protrudes into the bloodstream, and excess water is drained out by the organs, namely kidney, skin, or lungs.


Various myths dominate the vaping world. But instead of falling out for fake and unruly statements, use your minds and wisdom and vape responsibly.

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